What our customers have said:

My brother was so grateful

Hi Miyuki,


I just wanted to let you know that my brother was so grateful for the Narita/Tokyo private transfer that you organised for him due to his late arrival.

He was met as you arranged and told me that the taxi queue was really long, so you saved him a great deal of time.

Everything else went smoothly also, the hotel was excellent and my friends are now all in love with Japan.





October 2019

Massive thank you for everything you organised

Hi Peter!
I just wanted to message you to give you a massive thank you for everything you organised for me for my Japan trip. I had the absolute best time, there wasn’t a bad day for the entire trip.
All the accommodation was great, comfortable, super easy to find and in great locations.
The flights you organised were easy as well (I’m not a great flyer but I had no issues with them so that’s a big win in my book) and the Rail Pass was extremely handy! I booked all of my biggest Shinkansen journeys all at once when I arrived in Sapporo and it made getting around the rest of my time there extremely easy. 
The two tours I did were fantastic as well, I got very lucky on the day we went out to Mt. Fuji and it was actually visible!
And the Rugby tickets were great! I was not expecting seats that good! It was an awesome atmosphere out at the games (even if Australia lost to Wales) and just being around in the cities with a sea of rugby fans was a lot of fun.
So thank you, for giving me one of my best overseas adventures yet. I loved every minute I spent in Japan.
I can definitely see myself going back there again in the near future and when it comes time to start organising it I will definitely be contacting you again.
All the best,

October 2019

You are amazing

Hey Hayley!


Just wanted to confirm everything went more than perfect!


Thanks for all your help! You are amazing and the service is the best!!!


I would definitely contact you again! More than recommended!


Thanks again.


Convey my feedback regarding one of your staff

Hello Yoshi,

I just wanted to convey my feedback regarding one of your staff – Amelia Hallett.
She has been very helpful and always kind and courteous at all times when dealing with her.

She is a credit to your company.

Best regards,


October 2019

A nice friendly group with good interactions

Hi Amelia,

We had a great trip. The group was good, everyone got on well with one another. A nice friendly group with good interactions. Everyone turned up on time on tours. We had dinner together with 2 separate couples a few times.


Maya san was a great guide. She looked after us very well . Always professional, full of tips and never flustered. Also added some extras in like showing us around the streets of Takayama and Osaka. Way above and beyond what she was required to do. The other two guides Izumi in Tokyo, and Misumi(i think) in Kyoto were also great fun. They all had great sense of humour.


Accommodation:  All the hotels were great and near the train stations.

The HIda Hotel was not as good.

The Granvia was also a bit disappointing when compared to the others.


The best was Hotel Niko in Kanazawa.


All the meals were great. No complaints at all. Better than I would have expected. Traditional dinner and breakfast in the ryokan in kimono was a memorable experience. The farewell dinner in a swish restaurant with views of the Kyoto skyline was way beyond our expectations.


Tours: Coaches were clean and comfy. Plenty of room.

Having seen the Tsukiji markets in Tokyo, I feel the Omi-cho market in Kanazawa could be deleted which would provide more time at Kanazawa Castle and the adjacent Kenroku-en garden.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t see much of Mt Fuji due to the weather, which was just bad luck.


The free day in Kyoto was great. We went to the bamboo forest and the shrine with 10,000 torii gates( and 100,000 tourists!) 2 separate train lines in different directions. Not difficult but could be challenging for some. (Perhaps these 2 sites could be included in the tour? and still have an afternoon free?)


Overall, we’ve had a great time and fond memories!!. I got heaps of photos of the castles and would happily go back to Japan with JTB again. Also no hesitation in recommending JTB to friends and families.





Somewhere special

Kyoto Ayaginu House

The house was beautiful and immediately gave a sense of being somewhere special. The Japanese features were stylish and well set up for the traveler.  Location was superb.  Less than 10 minutes to Kyoto Station and around the corner from a 7/11 in a quiet street.  While the doorways were short for Tom, there was enough space to spread out and relax at the end of the day.  The only concern would be if a family with young children were to book the house, there was no barrier coming down the stairs – a huge drop.  I made Will promise me that he would hang onto the wall at all times.  There was also a quirky window that opened up in the Main bedroom overlooking the staircase void.  Again, Will was banned from going anywhere near it.  Safe to say, Will behaved himself, but I would be on edge if I had small kids.


Ryofukuen Kiyoharu

The staff were friendly and very obliging and wanted us to have a wonderful stay.  In the paperwork it suggested a taxi ride from the station to get there, but they do have a shuttle bus. We used the shuttle bus everyday and without it, the accommodation would have been a little too far away from town.  The accommodation was dated and a slight scene (very un Japanese) between the husband and wife on arrival made Justin and I both say “Welcome to Faulty Towers!” We experienced a little bit of culture shock with the style of stay, but after the initial impression, the place grew on us it and was one of our favourite experiences. Poor Lily, she really is not a fan of mushrooms and fish and it was the main ingredient celebrated in the first dinner and breakfast.  We were almost going to request one less meal and get Lily something in town, but they were very intuitive and served up a “western breakfast” the next day which made Lily happy.  The dinners over the 3 nights were all different too.  We all tried everything and although we didn’t fully eat all the dishes, it was a wonderful way to experience the culture and cuisine.  A definite thing most first time visitors to japan should do.  The onsen was great! One bath inside with a cold bath and sauna and another outside in a lovely garden setting.  Justin, Will and I embraced it.  It was very quiet at the hotel, it seemed like only our family was there for the first 2 days, which I find a bit unnerving.  However it was Monday to Thursday and perhaps weekends busier.  The upside was the onsen was empty, which really helped

October 2019

A very big thank you

Hi there Mende,

I hope this email finds you well.

I’m sorry that it has taken me a little time, but I just wanted to thank you for all your help with our recent Japan holiday.

Everything went very well.  All hotels were great and well positioned.  Georgia especially enjoyed the ‘free’ phone in Keio Plaza – bonus!

The JR pass was an unexpected bonus too, with buses etc in places we did not expect.

Georgia also did an exceptional job navigating us through the extensive underground network in Tokyo. I think you could be lost for days in there.

Fortunately, we also avoided Typhoon Faxai – but did not avoid the very humid weather.

All of your recommendations were great and tours very good – loved the tour guides, all ladies of a certain age with wonderful senses of humour.


Thanks again.  We will return.


Kind regards,



October 2019

Wonderful travel memories

My husband and I have recently returned from six weeks Touring which incorporated a 9 day Japan Combination Package  offered by Sunrise Tours

We were delighted with our Japan packaged tour.  The accommodation, sightseeing experiences,  guides, transfers and scheduling were all of excellent standard.  The weather was sunny and humid except for the day of our scheduled visit to Mt Fuji!  However, broiling clouds, pelting rain and gale force winds make for good photos!

 On this memorable day, my husband managed to leave his shoulder sling bag on the bus.  He noticed it missing when we got to Yumoto Fujiya Hotel in Hakone.  Next morning the Sunrise Tours’ representative, Yumi, transferred us to the Odawara Railway Station to travel to Kyoto.  We shared a taxi with her and discovered that Odawara was hosting the Australian Rugby Team for the World Cup competition.  A lively Rugby conversation ensued and a symbolic photo had to be taken!  This concentration lapse resulted in my husband leaving the rail tickets and itinerary in the taxi.  When this was realised, Yumi arranged replacement tickets and refund paperwork for us and gave detailed written instructions on where and how to have these tickets reimbursed.  Meanwhile, the resourceful taxi driver had discovered the tickets and returned them to the hotel. (I hope his team prediction wins the Cup!)  Yumi had heard me comment that this was the second item left behind.  She asked for details.

When we arrived in Kyoto she followed up with a phone call to say the bag had been found; the tickets had been handed in and both would be available at the Sunrise Tours office at our Tokyo Hotel upon our return.

We left Japan with the returned shoulder bag; ticket reimbursement; wonderful travel memories and strong feelings of gratitude to Yumi for all the extra assistance she had given us.  This note is written in the hope that your company can acknowledge her efforts on behalf of Sunrise Tours’ clients.  If she is representative of your company’s employees’ professional attitude to hosting International visitors then we feel the people attending the Rugby Cup 2019, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and other visitors to Japan are in good hands.

Yours sincerely,


The accommodation is stunning

Hi Hayley

Here we are halfway through our trip. Everything has gone well to date.

Sharon, Sue and I would especially like to applaude your selection of Ryokan in Beppu. The accommodation is stunning and the dinner last night was exceptional.



A job very well done

 I am just writing to advise you how wonderful your meet and greet people in Japan are, they made our trip so much more enjoyable and easy, meeting us on train stations at a particular time and taking us to the spot on the platform we should be at made life enjoyable.


So once again congratulations from us for a job very well done to all those that helped.


Best Regards

Bryan & Diane

I enjoyed Japan very much. Thank you, Miyuki

Hello Miyuki,


I  returned home yesterday after a wonderful 3 weeks in Japan and Korea. 


I just wanted to thank you very much again for your help in my planning. Everything went well and the Japanese people I came in contact with were very friendly and helpful.  


Most days were sunny, though in the high 30s even in the Alps in Takayama! But fortunately I don’t mind the heat. 


Unfortunately,  the shrine gate at Miyajima is undergoing renovations and is totally covered at present.  Mount fuji was mostly obscured in mist, although we did get a brief glimpse. And I just escaped the typhoon in Tokyo and later in Jeju Island in Korea, each by a day!


But overall, there were so many other things to see and I greatly enjoyed my travels.


Thanks so much again,  Miyuki, and with best wishes, 



September 2019

Amelia has been extremely responsive and so helpful!

I wanted to pass on some feedback about Amelia Hallett.

Amelia helped us organise our follow the Aussies tour for the Rugby World Cup. She has been such a great help answering all our questions, has been extremely responsive and so helpful.

Amelia has made this such a great and easy experience for us and as her manager, I wanted to let you know directly. I’d highly recommend Amelia and JTB. You should be very proud to have such an outstanding employee, we have been so impressed by the knowledge and service we have been provided!

Thanks Amelia and JTB!

Emily and Alex Kelly

We had a fantastic trip.

Good morning Blake

Thank you so much for all your orgainsing and booking; we had a fantastic trip. Everything was awesome and the Japan rail passes were amazing; we caught the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka and returned and caught the Narita airport express. The One Piece show was great too. Our fast passes for Universal Studio were fantastic; and our two day pass to Disneyland and DisneySea. It was great because everything was all organised in Australia before we left and we appreciate all your assistance and constant communication with our booking. The SUICA cards were a lifesaver with the Tokyo metro and the Disneyland monorail.

Thank you again.

Warm Regards


July 2019

Totally recommend your service

Dear Chris

Better late than never!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for organising such a great trip in Japan from 15 May – 04 June 2019.  We love Naomi and are so grateful that she put us in contact with you.

The most amazing thing for people our age, was the detailed instructions that came with our journey throughout Japan. We also appreciated the choice of tours and places to stay.

All of our tour guides were great, but we would like to mention two in particular. Kenta who took us on the Salary Man’s tour inn Shimbashi.  His knowledge was very comprehensive and as we were the only 2 on this tour, we had an extended night of enjoyment.

Secondly – Kao in Fukuoka, where we went to Dazaifu and Yanagawa. Her knowledge and grasp of English was excellent, and she had to answer some curly questions for us, but the knowledge she has of facts for the future of Japan was totally outstanding.

We can totally recommend your services.

Pat and Robyn

Always go above and beyond

My pleasure, Chris san!

You have been an amazing help with such efficient service and you always go above and beyond to help me create the best itinerary!

Thank YOU always!  Have a lovely weekend J


July 2019