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We had a fantastic trip.

Good morning Blake

Thank you so much for all your orgainsing and booking; we had a fantastic trip. Everything was awesome and the Japan rail passes were amazing; we caught the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka and returned and caught the Narita airport express. The One Piece show was great too. Our fast passes for Universal Studio were fantastic; and our two day pass to Disneyland and DisneySea. It was great because everything was all organised in Australia before we left and we appreciate all your assistance and constant communication with our booking. The SUICA cards were a lifesaver with the Tokyo metro and the Disneyland monorail.

Thank you again.

Warm Regards


July 2019

Totally recommend your service

Dear Chris

Better late than never!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for organising such a great trip in Japan from 15 May – 04 June 2019.  We love Naomi and are so grateful that she put us in contact with you.

The most amazing thing for people our age, was the detailed instructions that came with our journey throughout Japan. We also appreciated the choice of tours and places to stay.

All of our tour guides were great, but we would like to mention two in particular. Kenta who took us on the Salary Man’s tour inn Shimbashi.  His knowledge was very comprehensive and as we were the only 2 on this tour, we had an extended night of enjoyment.

Secondly – Kao in Fukuoka, where we went to Dazaifu and Yanagawa. Her knowledge and grasp of English was excellent, and she had to answer some curly questions for us, but the knowledge she has of facts for the future of Japan was totally outstanding.

We can totally recommend your services.

Pat and Robyn

Always go above and beyond

My pleasure, Chris san!

You have been an amazing help with such efficient service and you always go above and beyond to help me create the best itinerary!

Thank YOU always!  Have a lovely weekend J


July 2019

Anait is an absolute gem.

Hey Clement, 

I wanted to give you my glowing feedback for Anait! She is an absolute gem and I have been working exclusively with her for the last 12 months. I can’t speak highly enough of her. Her attention to detail is so amazing, I love that she goes above and beyond to give me the ‘walking distances to and from hotels/stations’ and she always makes suggestions of great tours. I am appreciative that I am able to email her my quote/booking requests and she will without fail action them within 24 hours (even sooner when I sometimes put her under pressure).

Our conversion rate together is pretty high, I recon we convert 9 out of 10 quotes which is amazing!!  

She is a huge asset to your company and I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I think she is THE BEST IN THE BIZ!

Feel free to share my feedback with her and anyone who wants to hear!!

Thanks for listening, have a great day!


June 2019

Wouldn’t have discovered Ueno on our own

Hi Miyuki

Just letting you know that our trip to Japan was amazing. Thank you for your assistance.

Everything was so well organised. In particular thank you for your suggestion of staying in Ueno for our final couple of days when we returned to Tokyo. It is a lovely area and we probably wouldn’t have discovered it on our own.


Had a fantastic trip to Japan

Morning Hayley,

Thank you for your email

We had a fantastic trip to Japan. Hows your trip?

Honestly booking everything in advance makes things a lot easier and  saves our time.

The airport limousine bus was great because we got dropped off very close to our hotel and given we had a lot of shopping on the way back, it was great because we don’t really have to wheel around our luggage everywhere. 

The Japan Rail Pass was also great value, we traveled to Osaka and Kyoto using that, was a great experience, it was really easy to use we had no issue with that.

Suica card also great, as we can use it in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, only thing if you want to travel metro areas its probably cheaper buying the 24 hours metro daily pass.

The sim card works really well too, it switch straight away as soon as you get there. However my one bit slow towards the end of the trip. but my husband’s sim card works perfectly throughout the trip.

We really enjoyed Disney and Universal too, however if we went back would probably purchase the queue jumping tickets on top of the general admission.  Given that it was a very busy period, we had to line up for a long, long time for some rides which was OK, but given we only had a day to go around there we didn’t get to do everything we wanted too – so not sure if you on-sell that but something I would definitely recommend to people in future! 

Overall, we were pretty happy with everything :) 

Thanks so much for your assistance 

Kind Regards,


I wouldn’t use any other company

Dear Anait,

I spoke with Barry on Wednesday about his Japan holiday and he had a lovely time! Both he and his wife were worried about navigating the train trips around Japan, however he said it was very easy! He loved the Tokyo accommodation the most and all of the tours.

I was very happy that this worked out so well, Barry is a regular client of ours and was very anxious before this trip. Thank you so much for all of your help! You and Clement were especially helpful! I wouldn’t use any other company for Japan!

Have a great day!

June 2019

Thanks for your patience

Hi Anait

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this one!

It has been one of the most challenging bookings I’ve ever had!

You have been most helpful to work with.


Thank you, we had a great experience!

Dear Mr Clement

John and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in organising our recent trip to Japan. Everything you had planned for us went smoothly. If we needed information we referred to the itinerary and followed your instructions which were very clear, especially the trains we had to take. I would definitely recommend JTB and Sunrise Tours to anyone thinking of going to Japan. We really enjoyed our tours and cannot speak highly enough of the guides we had. They were happy, helpful and very knowledgeable. The Granvia Hotel in Osaka was a great central location as was the Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kyoto Ekimae. Staying on this side of the station was a handy location.

Thank you once again, we had a great experience!


John and Erica

June 2019


Hi Miyuki

Wow! Thank you for your detailed response and excellent service,  please pass on this feedback to your manager for your yearly reviews etc.

Just regarding the local Osaka train map I sent you,  will it cover all of it? If its too hard, don’t spend anymore time on it, I just wanted to avoid the shock in arriving at a station and getting fined!



June 2019

Above and beyond

Good morning,  Aude

> I would like to relate a very pleasant experience we had during a tour

> organised by your company.

> On Saturday 1st June we were on a tour of Tokyo and our guide ( Yoko

> san) provided us with a fantastic day. We came away with a far better

> understanding of both the Japanese people and their culture.

> At the end of the tour we had to catch a train back to our hotel from

> the busiest railway station in the world. Without us asking she walked

> with us to the station, helped us buy the tickets and then showed us

> to the correct platform. This was truly above and beyond the “call of

> duty “ This made a great day even better and removed any stress of

> trying to battle our way through the throng of people.

> Your company should be very proud to have such a great employee and if

> you could pass on our thanks for her great effort it would be much

> appreciated.

> Kind Regards

> Ian and Chris

June 2019

You are the best.

Hi Anait,

YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thank you SO much for getting these so quickly!!

Have the most amazing day,


May 2019

Great value for $$

Hi Clement

Just wanted to let you know they had a brilliant time on their tour in Japan.  The two guides were great (1 I understand from JTB Melbourne).

Everything ran smoothly & felt it was great value for $$.




May 2019

No doubt we will head back there

Hi Amelia,

I’m so very sorry to take so long to get back to you.  This term has been crazy with sports, exams and the like, I literally haven’t had a moment to sit down.  

I wanted to thank you so much for everything, Japan was amazing and we loved every minute of it.  The initial train ride (from the airport) was a shock but we managed to get into the groove and work out our way around, so it was easy after that.  Loved Hakone, would have liked to stay there a bit longer as I really wanted to see the lake etc. but after heading out to Yunessan onsen (where you can wear your bathers), we didn’t get much time to anything else as we spent an afternoon out there.  In hindsight, we should have left some baggage at the train station and just taken overnight bags as it was difficult lugging everything there and back.  But it’s all a learning curve!

Kyoto was lovely, really enjoyed it there and Osaka wasn’t bad as well but even though I liked it, probably my least favourite.  Universal was a nightmare, thank goodness we had the Express Passes as we probably would have got on one or two rides max.  I’ve since learnt that school groups head there on a Monday, so it wasn’t ideal.  The school kids would line up and then during the course of the queue, let in another 20 or so of their friends along certain points which made it a really long line for each ride.  A couple of people complained but there wasn’t much done about it.  DisneySea on the other hand was a much nicer experience, we managed to see a lot there, obviously a lot quieter but I really enjoyed it so much more.

The Hiroshima tour was ok, we didn’t see as much as we should have as it was a really windy, rainy day (the only one we had which was just bad luck), but the tour guide was fairly ancient (lovely, but wasn’t able to move that quick), and in fairness, she largely ignored us because we were a younger group and she was focused on the oldies.  All fine, but I would probably look at doing this a different way next time or just head there on our own.  I loved the Miyajima portion of this too as we got to do a bit more of our own thing.

The hotels were great, neat and tidy mostly (although the Osaka one hadn’t been vacuumed under the bed for a while by the looks – dirty tissues, old slippers etc, it was pretty revolting).  I really appreciate you choosing ones for us that were easy to get to, it made a huge difference.

Other than that, it was all great.  The girls had an amazing time, and we walked a lot, tried different foods, did a little shopping.  Would definitely head back there again.  Thanks so much for all your assistance and advice, putting together our trip, it really made it a great holiday, and I have no doubt we will head back there sometime soon with the boys in tow.

Thanks again,



Had a great time

Hi Clement,

Just letting you know that clients have arrived home safely & had a great time.

Overall, they were very happy with everything you had arranged. Just a couple of points for feedback:

During Golden Week apparently there was lots happening in Hiroshima, in terms of festivities, so if they had have known they would’ve stayed in Hiroshima over that period They didn’t find Kanazawa interesting & would skip it next time.  The hotel in Hiroshima was very noisy, right next to the train station, rooms were very small.   They weren’t charged any city taxes, anywhere!   They couldn’t believe it.

That’s all Clement, just for your reference. But overall wanted to thank you for everything.




May 2019

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