Anait is an absolute gem.

Hey Clement, 

I wanted to give you my glowing feedback for Anait! She is an absolute gem and I have been working exclusively with her for the last 12 months. I can’t speak highly enough of her. Her attention to detail is so amazing, I love that she goes above and beyond to give me the ‘walking distances to and from hotels/stations’ and she always makes suggestions of great tours. I am appreciative that I am able to email her my quote/booking requests and she will without fail action them within 24 hours (even sooner when I sometimes put her under pressure).

Our conversion rate together is pretty high, I recon we convert 9 out of 10 quotes which is amazing!!  

She is a huge asset to your company and I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I think she is THE BEST IN THE BIZ!

Feel free to share my feedback with her and anyone who wants to hear!!

Thanks for listening, have a great day!


Jun. 2019

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