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Trip to Kamikochi – The Japanese Alps

We loved the trip to Kamikochi, with steep hills and valley and beautiful rivers – it was absolutely marvellous. Seeing monkeys was a bonus, and there were lots of signs of bears, but we didn’t see any. It all really reminded me of the Rocky Mountains in Canada or the European Alps, but with less people, huts and cows. The contrast of the landscape with bamboo […]

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Best Customer Service

I’m writing to acknowledge formally the professional service of Paul when I visited JTB earlier today. Paul is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, personable and kind. He is a credit to JTB and I hope for your sale that you never lose him! He is one of the best customer service consultants I have met

April 2016

i am a very happy customer

Hi JTB team, I just want to express my appreciation and thanks to Lily Sugyono. I am flying out to Japan on Monday (in 3 days) and unfortunately I did not purchase a JR pass early enough – I was unaware that obtaining a pass was not something that can be done quickly. I contacted other agents/companies who advised me that due to such late notice, […]

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Indelible Impression

Dear Mr WANG, Annette and I would like to thank you for your spontaneity and infectious enthusiasm which you shared with us so naturally, intently and generously. Over the years we have dealt with many women and men who have been very good at their jobs. We would rank your efforts today in the top 5 %. In a sales situation we always try to strike […]

February 2015