Totally recommend your service

Dear Chris

Better late than never!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for organising such a great trip in Japan from 15 May – 04 June 2019.  We love Naomi and are so grateful that she put us in contact with you.

The most amazing thing for people our age, was the detailed instructions that came with our journey throughout Japan. We also appreciated the choice of tours and places to stay.

All of our tour guides were great, but we would like to mention two in particular. Kenta who took us on the Salary Man’s tour inn Shimbashi.  His knowledge was very comprehensive and as we were the only 2 on this tour, we had an extended night of enjoyment.

Secondly – Kao in Fukuoka, where we went to Dazaifu and Yanagawa. Her knowledge and grasp of English was excellent, and she had to answer some curly questions for us, but the knowledge she has of facts for the future of Japan was totally outstanding.

We can totally recommend your services.

Pat and Robyn

Jul. 2019

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