Had a fantastic trip to Japan

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We had a fantastic trip to Japan. Hows your trip?

Honestly booking everything in advance makes things a lot easier and  saves our time.

The airport limousine bus was great because we got dropped off very close to our hotel and given we had a lot of shopping on the way back, it was great because we don’t really have to wheel around our luggage everywhere. 

The Japan Rail Pass was also great value, we traveled to Osaka and Kyoto using that, was a great experience, it was really easy to use we had no issue with that.

Suica card also great, as we can use it in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, only thing if you want to travel metro areas its probably cheaper buying the 24 hours metro daily pass.

The sim card works really well too, it switch straight away as soon as you get there. However my one bit slow towards the end of the trip. but my husband’s sim card works perfectly throughout the trip.

We really enjoyed Disney and Universal too, however if we went back would probably purchase the queue jumping tickets on top of the general admission.  Given that it was a very busy period, we had to line up for a long, long time for some rides which was OK, but given we only had a day to go around there we didn’t get to do everything we wanted too – so not sure if you on-sell that but something I would definitely recommend to people in future! 

Overall, we were pretty happy with everything :) 

Thanks so much for your assistance 

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Jun. 2019

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