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Get Your Tohoku Basics Covered – The Deep North of Japan

  Take a dive into the deep north of Tohoku; a region that’s rich in culture, natural beauty, sacred mountains and warm-hearted locals! An authentic and traditional experience awaits in the north, far away from the touristy cities!    Accessing Tohoku  Tohoku is a region in Japan that includes six prefectures in the north of the mainland Honshu. It is well connected by rail and air […]

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JR Pass Kyushu Itinerary: 5 Cities to Visit with Your JR Kyushu Pass

  The JR Kyushu Passes are a great way to make your way around some of the must-see spots on Japan’s southernmost island, Kyushu! There are seven prefectures located in Kyushu: Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Oita, and Saga.                                                        […]

May 2020 , , ,

JR East Tohoku Pass: The 10 Best Places to Visit in Tohoku

  Weary of the crowds and looking for somewhere off the beaten track to explore? Why not escape from the packed streets of the main cities and discover a region overflowing with stunning natural landscapes, samurai history, festivals, delicious food, and warm-hearted locals! Spreading out just above Tokyo, the Tohoku region features six prefectures all with their own experiences to explore! I fell in love with […]

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Is it worth buying a Japan Rail Pass for my Japan trip? – Answered

    The Japanese train network is very famous across the world, and the Japan Rail (JR) Pass makes your travel so much easier. But the question here is: “Is it worth buying the JR Pass for my journey?”. So, let’s talk about whether or not you can save money by purchasing a JR Pass!      How much does a Japan Rail Pass Cost?     […]

March 2020 , ,

Japan Rail Pass – Explain How It Works

Konnichiwa! (G’day in Australian) If your local bookie was taking BYO betting markets, I’d be confident in placing a monstrous bet that you have already heard about or researched the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass). In the case that I am wrong and I’ve bankrupted myself, at least I’ll sleep well knowing that after reading this you will have an arsenal of information on how you’re […]

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Can't wait to return!

Hi Koyomi, Just to let you know we recently returned from our holiday to your beautiful country and had a fabulous time. All the accommodation was excellent as was the tours. The JR pass was perfect for our travel needs and enable us also to explore towns outside the main Shinkansen lines. Can’t wait to return to Japan. Thank you again for all your assistance. John […]

May 2016

Absolutely amazing Japan

Hi Koyomi, My friend and I have come back from our trip to Japan and it was absolutely amazing. We had such a great time with so many memories we won’t ever forget. I bought so much stuff that after I filled my luggage I had to buy two boxes which I filled up and sent to Australia (they have arrived safe). I did (eventually) get […]

October 2015 , ,

fabulous trip!

Hi Paul Our trip was fabulous!! The accommodation – Hotel Monterey in Kyoto was in a great location within easy walking distances of city, Gion areas etc. The room was probably a bit small (but I think they all are!) but clean and comfortable. The day tours were excellent and we certainly learnt a lot of history and saw all the amazing temples. We particularly loved […]

September 2015 , ,

i am a very happy customer

Hi JTB team, I just want to express my appreciation and thanks to Lily Sugyono. I am flying out to Japan on Monday (in 3 days) and unfortunately I did not purchase a JR pass early enough – I was unaware that obtaining a pass was not something that can be done quickly. I contacted other agents/companies who advised me that due to such late notice, […]

April 2015 ,

so many wonderful memories

Hi Miyuki, Just wanted to (finally) email you regarding our recent trip to Japan. We had a fantastic time! There was plenty of snow (we just missed being snowed in at Takayama!) and plenty of cold weather but we loved it just the same. The two tours we had booked, the Mt Fuji-Hakone tour and the all day Kyoto tour, were facilitated by energetic, enthusiastic guides […]

March 2015 ,

We had a fantastic time

Hi Steven, We had a fantastic time, everything went smoothly and I was very thankful for JTB sending someone to meet me at the airport to arrange all the train tickets and JR pass etc. The students said Kyoto and Takayama were their favourite places and experiences. The school visit, however short, was enjoyed by the students. Everything was well organised, no complications with any accomodation […]

January 2015 , ,

We had a great time!

Hi Miyuki, Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time in Japan (and Shanghai)- back a week now- and all our connections and hotels and the JR pass worked well. We particularly enjoyed Kamikochi, Naoshima. Miyajima, Kanazawa, Takayama but also Kyoto, Kagoshiima. And Tokyo so pretty much everywhere! Thanks for putting it all together! Cheers and best wishes, Peter and Lynne

January 2015 , , ,

Yelp Review

This review was taken from the JTB Australia Yelp Page Picture a sweaty bald man hurtling down the street armed to the teeth with luggage (suitcase, laptop and camera backpack). Then throw into the mix the following phrase “If you go to Japan you need a Japan Rail Pass… Oh and you have to book them about 2 weeks in advance!”  It was with this knowledge […]

April 2014

JR passes and Tour Voucher

Dear Koyomi Thankyou for your prompt action. I received our JR passes and tour voucher on Tuesday afternoon by express post.  Thank you again for expediting so quickly as we depart on Sunday. Regards, Ken

April 2014

Super Efficient

Thank you Moko, The pass arrived this morning. You guys are super efficient! Thanks again, Matthew

September 2013

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