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Picture a sweaty bald man hurtling down the street armed to the teeth with luggage (suitcase, laptop and camera backpack). Then throw into the mix the following phrase “If you go to Japan you need a Japan Rail Pass… Oh and you have to book them about 2 weeks in advance!” 

It was with this knowledge that I approached JTB Travel at 1pm today. A mere 9 hours and change before my flight leaves for Japan. Upon entering the sparse reception I was greeted by the lovely Koyomi who immediately set my mind at ease.

The cost of the rail passes isn’t a surprise to anyone, they are $315 but they save you an absolute bomb in the long run. JTB only charge $5 to knock one over for you on the spot, and it takes only 10 minutes tops.

During that 10 minute wait Koyomi exceeded my expectations by bringing back 3 maps and highlighting the main train routes to a plethora of places I am interested in. She also pointed out the specific trains (they have names over there) that I would or wouldnt be able to catch with my railpass. She also threw in one or two suggestions of her own for me to check out. Apparently Michael Jackson shut down an entire shopping centre in one of the districts so he could fashion hunt till his hearts content.

All in all I left elated and really excited about my trip after I left JTB. To think I went in with trepidation and fear and exited with elation makes me smile :)



Apr. 2014

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