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Food to die for

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Hi Koyomi,

Sorry I have not sent this earlier. I just wanted you to know we had a lovely skiing holiday in Japan. The people were wonderful and the food was to die for.

Thank you very much for all the work you put in to make it such a success.



Had a great time

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Hi Mika,

It would seem that there was a bit of confusion with the language between me and the hotel reception. I’m glad the taxi driver we had was the correct one as he was very good.

We are back home now. I had a good time in Japan. I missed most of the snow monkey tour as I slipped in the snow and hurt my back. I went back to the train station while Caitlin went on. It would be nice to visit Japan again in perhaps spring or sometime when it is not so cold and snow. Caitlin has come back with some good memories, photos and heaps of purchases. She got to see the Dragon Painter in Nikko and watched as he painted her dragon, so she was thrilled with that.

So thank you for organising this trip for me.

Many thanks


Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Hi Miyuki,

Many thanks for your assistance last week when arrangements went off track due to the blizzard, all re-arranged meet and greet/transfers/hotel booking worked well and we made it to New Prince Hotel next day.

All in all another very enjoyable Hokkaido holiday although the snow was not up to the usual Hokkaido standard this year, some local instructors said it is the worst season in 10 years. Apart from the blizzard prior to our arrival it didn’t snow once during our stay in Furano, just clear bright sunny days: however I must say that even if it was the worst season in 10 years the snow at Furano was far better than New Zealand on a good year!

I am very pleased with the excellent service we have received from JTB over the past few years, many thanks for your assistance.



Pleasure to deal with you Koyomi

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Good morning Koyomi

We are back from Japan and wanted to let you know what an amazing holiday we all had. Thank you so much for all your help with bookings and arrangements. Everything went exactly to plan with catching trains, taxi and hotel. We loved Le Neige hotel and Hakuba. Hopefully we will get to return to Japan where we enjoyed excellent hospitality, great snow and a wonderful experience. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and we look forward to contacting you for our next holiday.

Many thanks

Indelible Impression

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Dear Mr WANG, Annette and I would like to thank you for your spontaneity and infectious enthusiasm which you shared with us so naturally, intently and generously. Over the years we have dealt with many women and men who have been very good at their jobs. We would rank your efforts today in the top 5 %. In a sales situation we always try to strike a good rapport with the person who is partnering with us. To your credit we did not have to do much spade work at all. The moment you saw us at the counter, you immediately, stopped what you were doing, walked out of your cage and engaged us with an inviting smile. Soon we felt quite relaxed to start ‘educating’ our minds with your specialities in the Japan

Simply Perfect

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Hi, We have just returned from our 18 day holiday in Japan.

I just wanted to let you know it was the perfect itinerary for us. Our wish list was all ticked off and we feel like our schedule was well planned and timed out for the days we had.

I was travelling with my two teenage girls and 10 yr old son, and we all agree it was truly memorable and great fun. Specifically, we loved the Dynamic Tokyo Tour. We saw so much more in one day than we could have in a much longer holiday or on our own. It was nice to be above ground on the bus for a change, as you see so much incidental scenery from the bus rather than popping out from the subway into a new realm. The Tokyo Dynamic Tour included a wonderful lunch, the yummiest teppanyaki we’d ever had, and wandering the gardens at both the lunch and tea ceremony sights felt like a privilege. All the staff we encountered were generous, caring and humorous. The Nakamise walkway up to Sensoji Temple was such a surprise and we wouldnt have gone if it wasnt part of the tour.

We enjoyed the Mt Fuji trip and agree with Clement that it was a good choice to make that our first day in Japan, I think we would otherwise have wasted a day acclimatising and wandering aimlessly. Being on tour for our first day, forced us out of bed early but more importantly gave us time to get used to the currency, weather, language and ask pertinent questions to a tour guide face to face.

We are grateful for your recommendation to stay at Biyu no Yado Ryokan in Yudanaka. The homestyle feel and traditional meals and accommodation were something we had never experienced. Very memorable for us all to sleep on futons and tatami, and the food surprised us so much. Some of it challenged us to try but everything was delicious (even the dried up salted looking fish that stared up at us from the plate), we agreed it was the best thing we ate all week. From here we enjoyed the snow monkey visit and found two staff; Daniel and Kaori, exceptional hosts.

Most importantly for me, I found all your notes helpful. Validating passes, locating reference numbers for bookings, phone numbers, meeting times etc- it was all so clearly laid out that I was able to enjoy the holiday knowing nothing would go wrong if I followed your instructions. So a big thank you from me, I enjoyed my kids company more for never having to “get stuck”.

Thanks Clement, should we be lucky enough to return to Japan, we will definitely use you guys again.

Warm Regards,