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Had an amazing time

Hi Jacqueline Had an amazing time, so want to go back right now. The Hilton was awesome 26th floor and the people in Japan are so so beautiful. Kyoto was very beautiful and interesting, those maple trees are truly beautiful with all the different colours, orange, yellow and bright bright red. Will email you some photos as soon as I get my computer up and running. […]

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We had a wonderful time.

Hi Lily, We are back safe and sound and happy. We had a wonderful time. I would go back to Japan tomorrow if I could I took about 700 photographs or so! Tokyo is an enormous city, however for the massive population it didn’t feel crowded where we were and the transport system ran like clockwork. There was a lot of English in Tokyo, signage and […]

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What a fantastic trip we had to Japan

Hi Lily, Wanted to let you know what a fantastic trip we had to Japan. Everything worked well and we loved everything about the Country, the people, the food, the Cities, the Temples, gardens etc. Our escort Eiji was very professional and helpful and our tour leaders outstanding. We have told all our friends what a wonderful trip we enjoyed and already a couple of friends […]

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We all had fantastic time

Dear Clement We all had fantastic time. Japanese people are certainly very polite. My wife especially loved the food, shopping, landscape etc. For me, personally I really would have like to sit and have a drink with the locals. Really get to know them. But the language barrier prevented much opportunities, I think.Overall it was a memorable trip and we all like to go back again. […]

October 2010 ,

We had a wonderful time!

Dear Yoko, Thank you for your help organizing our recent trip to Hokkaido. Jerry and I returned only a few days ago. We had a wonderful time! We were very pleased with all of the accommodations – but especially enjoyed the Shiretoko Grand because it gave us the opportunity to stay in a tatami room. While we were a little too early for the fall foliage, […]

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They stayed and waved us off smilingly.

Hi Lily,Just thought I would check in and tell you I enjoyed my recent trip to Japan and, of course, especially the Sunrise tours, which are very efficiently organised and the tour guides and general staff are very obliging and helpful. When they came to the station with us, they stayed and waved us off smilingly and were at the other end in the same way […]

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Onsen Experience

Hi Clem Well, I’m back!! Japan was fantastic!! All the accommodation was great. Good to be back to a soft bed now though, that’s for sure. They were all in really good locations – even the Tokyu Hotel in Kyoto was only a 10 min walk from the station so we only caught a taxi once when we arrived. Takayama Ryokan was amazing. Hubby loved it, […]

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Lucky Trip for Cherry blossoms

Hi Kathy, Thanks for your email.The trip was amazing! Everything went to plan and ran so smoothly – we kept calling it the lucky trip.Our luck finally ran out at the airport though – as our flight was delayed 5 hours! We didn’t end up departing until 2:20am!! The kids were incredible though – no whinging at all!The weather was also great – 20 degrees in […]

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