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Harajuku: forget kawaii fashion, welcome to vintage heaven

    Tokyo is well known as a shopping paradise. With a large variety of shops and long opening hours, you have many hours of fun ahead. The plethora on offer can be overwhelming, and if you are not looking for the obvious, a little guidance is crucial. Let’s have a look at where to find great vintage shops in Harajuku!     Behind Harajuku: ‘Ura Hara’ […]

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Amazing, as simple as that .. "perfect

Firstly let me say that the trip to Japan was completely amazing, as simple as that .. “perfect”. I will break down my feedback into sub headings to ensure that I cover all points. Flights and organization at airport. Fortunately we were not affected by the customs strike and had not problems at all. On arrival at Tokyo airport all went very smoothly with the funniest […]

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Just wanted to thank you all.

Hi Noriko,Just wanted to thank you all. My passengers had a great trip and they are saying in last 20 years they haven’t had a trip like this. It was spot on!!!I even got some handmade kimonos and sun umbrella (I hope I spelled it correctly).Thanks again and I hope to deal with you in the future.Cheers,Gorica

September 2011

We had a wonderful time.

Hi Lily, We are back safe and sound and happy. We had a wonderful time. I would go back to Japan tomorrow if I could I took about 700 photographs or so! Tokyo is an enormous city, however for the massive population it didn’t feel crowded where we were and the transport system ran like clockwork. There was a lot of English in Tokyo, signage and […]

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