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Wonderful Cooking Sun Japanese cooking class

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Hi Koyomi,

We returned from our Japan holiday on Monday.  Everything went to plan with our rail passes and USJ tickets.  I really want to give you feedback on the Cooking Sun Japanese cooking class.  It was so wonderful and I can highly recommend it.  We caught a taxi from Kyoto Station as this seemed easiest, but found our way back very easily after the class.  Fuki, the lady who taught us, spoke excellent English and was just so nice.  There was only Jemma and I in the class and it was very hands on.  We learnt a lot and were very proud of the obento box we produced.  I will send you a couple of photos on a separate email.  Great value for money. 

Regards, Karyn

Wonderful Cooking Sun Japanese cooking class

Bento Boxes - Japanese Cooking Class

Flawless Arrangement

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
Dear Kathy, We recently travelled to Japan on JTB’s Yokohama Quilting Tour and would like to thank you and your organisation for a wonderfully successful tour. All the arrangements for the tour proceeded flawlessly and we did not encounter any problems at all during our stay. Our tour leader, Lynn Hewitt was a lovely person to travel with and her knowledge of Japan and experience in leading such tours was evident all through our time together. The itinerary, while aimed for quilters was varied and interesting and my husband, Rob (a non-quilter!) found plenty to interest him on the tour and he was made to feel very welcome among a lovely travelling group. There were plenty of general sightseeing activities as well as the craft related ones. May we also commend the local guides, Ikuko, Makiko, Keiko and Aiko, who assisted us along our journey. Their help and local knowledge were invaluable to us and made the logistics of our travel much easier than they would have been without their help. All four guides were very engaging with excellent English skills, were pleasant in every way, very willing to help as required and interesting to listen to as they shared information about their country with us. We congratulate you and all at JTB for an exceptionally well organised, well led and thoroughly enjoyable tour. I will have no hesitation in highly recommending your future tours to other quilting friends. Many thanks, Margaret and Rob

Magnificent Time

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Hi Koyomi

Wow we had a fantastic trip – Thank you for organising us so well.
We had a magnificent time at our restaurants and the Grand Prix and of course the tour – the guide was beautiful and looked after us very well (Maya) and thoroughly enjoyed Japan. Loved the culture, the people and of course the food!

We were not really affected by the weather, and got delayed about 7 hours with the typhoon but just meant we stayed in Japan longer and had no wait in Singapore.
The hotel at Nagoya (Royal) you chose was excellent for location and it was quite new, so very nice.

We had the best time, and wanted to thank you very much for this – We look forward to future tours and travelling with JTB. If you hear of any events with the Iron Chef, please make sure you let me know.

thank you!


Thursday, November 6th, 2014
Hi Koyomi, I can’t tell you how much fun Ian and I had in Japan, it was an amazing experience we will both cherish for a very long time. What an fantastic culture and country! Thank you so much for all your wonderful assistance whilst we were away. Ian and I both agree that your level of service offered when needed most was outstanding and we appreciate you taking the time to ensure our travels continued around Typhoon 18 & 19. Again, thank you for contributing to our memorable experience. I second Fiona’s comments….. especially your help throughout and also Paul’s. ..We cannot praise your customer service enough! Can’t wait to go back! I miss my daily sake! Regards Fiona and Ian

One very content customer

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014
Hello JTB I just recently returned from a month long trip in Japan, extensively visiting the east coast. Aside from experiencing two natural disasters (a volcano in central Japan and two typhoons) it was a brilliant trip. This was my second tour to Japan and I can honestly say that the experience as a whole was greatly enhanced through the planning and interaction with JTB prior to my holiday. I would like to particularly praise your travel consultant Paul Wang, where upon his expertise contributed to our positive experience within the land of the rising sun. He was able to provide valuable insight of the JR rail network and assisted us in the Advanced booking for the Studio Ghibli Museum. Paul was very knowledgeable with the Japanese culture and gave valuable “lay of the land” recommendations, which maximized our time spent within the holiday. When our out going flight to japan was delayed (by one day) due to the volcanic activity, Paul took the time and effort to email me the information required to relieve my concerns and how best to reprioritize my plans to use the JR rail pass. I consider this notable piece of experience, quite a delight actually and as a customer experience point of view, it was handled exceptionally well. These little touches of detail and overall friendly professional experience with Paul was brilliant whereby I would highly recommend JTB (particularly Paul Wang) to my friends and family for any future travels to Japan. From one very content customer Felix

Everything was organised perfectly.

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014
Hi Clement, You helped with the above booking for Morris & Moran and they just came back into the office with some great feedback that I wanted to pass on. They had such a great time in Japan and said everything that your organised was excellent. Your hotels, transfer companies and tour companies were all great. They especially like the tour guide on the 3 day Sunrise tour and wanted to comment how helpful and lovely she was, so if you can please pass that on that would be great. They think her name was Kazouka. Thanks for all of your help on this booking, they had a great time and everything was organised perfectly. Kind Regards, Casey

Mt Fuji, best day was had!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Hi Kirrily

Well I am just back from my wonderful cruise from Japan through to Singapore. We were delayed a day due to the typhoon and at the time were unsure if we the Mt Fuji tour would operate at all. As luck would have it, the tour went ahead and the day cleared and we had one of the best days to see it.

I just wanted to say that the operation in Japan was truly professional and so very well organised. Everything was co-ordinated with total professionalism and the tour guide we had ‘Harry’ was brilliant.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Kind regards;  Crystal