One very content customer

Hello JTB I just recently returned from a month long trip in Japan, extensively visiting the east coast. Aside from experiencing two natural disasters (a volcano in central Japan and two typhoons) it was a brilliant trip. This was my second tour to Japan and I can honestly say that the experience as a whole was greatly enhanced through the planning and interaction with JTB prior to my holiday. I would like to particularly praise your travel consultant Paul Wang, where upon his expertise contributed to our positive experience within the land of the rising sun. He was able to provide valuable insight of the JR rail network and assisted us in the Advanced booking for the Studio Ghibli Museum. Paul was very knowledgeable with the Japanese culture and gave valuable “lay of the land” recommendations, which maximized our time spent within the holiday. When our out going flight to japan was delayed (by one day) due to the volcanic activity, Paul took the time and effort to email me the information required to relieve my concerns and how best to reprioritize my plans to use the JR rail pass. I consider this notable piece of experience, quite a delight actually and as a customer experience point of view, it was handled exceptionally well. These little touches of detail and overall friendly professional experience with Paul was brilliant whereby I would highly recommend JTB (particularly Paul Wang) to my friends and family for any future travels to Japan. From one very content customer Felix

Nov. 2014

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