Only disappointment was a limited time

Dear Mr Minamino

We are writing to thank you for your very valuable assiatance and advice in the preparations for our recent holiday in Japan.  All of the accommodations selected were most pleasant, with our favourites being the Aso Plaza Hotel for the staff’s friendly service, and the Nikko Kanaya Hotel for its superb location and style.

All of the accomodation locations and travel arrangements were very well coordinated, particularly assisted by the use of the JR Rail Passes, which exceeded our expectations and delivered us many hours of enjoyment on all classes of JR trains travelling through the country areas, and also convenient travel in the cities.

We can thoroughly recommend any visitor to Japan, who has the time, to take the JR tourist train journey from Kumamoto via Hitoyoshi and Yoshimatsu to Kagoshima.  This was a hightlight of our holiday, made all the more memorable by the JR train crew members conduct of this service.

We had considerable luck with only 2 days of rain during our stay, with 1 being in Nikko which was only light rain shrouding the temples and mountains in mist and only added to the solemnity and beauty of that place.

There were also 2 earthquakes (which we were aware of), the first a minor treamour in Sendai as we were moving from the railway station to the hotel (which was compensated for the next morning by a long shower of large, light snow flakes!)  and the second whilst travelling on the Shinkansen into Tokyo (and only noticeable because the train stopped and an announcement was made)

Although we did not get to a live Sumo match, we did manage to see most of the final seriesof matches on TV, becoming firm fans of the sport and spectacle. 

Our only disapointment in this holiday was that we had sucn a limited time, could not stay longer and had to leave before we had seen enough.  Should the opportunity come again for us to return to Japan and see more of your beautiful country, we weould be most pleased and appreciate if you were also available to assist us.

Many thanks and kind regards
Ian, Linda and Louse

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