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The 8 Packing List Tips for an Unforgettable Japan Trip

  When going on any trips anywhere, travel preparation can be a little stressful and overwhelming especially when it comes to packing. Things that you would need to consider when it comes to packing are things like the type of clothing items to bring, whether it will be suitable for the weather, essential items to personal items, travel guidance, medications and a few things to be […]

March 2020 ,

Top 5 Basic Etiquette Tips When Visiting Japan

  Every country has its own social rules of conduct that you would need to follow and what is considered acceptable might be unacceptable to others. In Japan, there are several customs and rules that is best to be aware of and avoid doing them when traveling around in another foreign country such as Japan. The things that you may do and behave while traveling in […]

March 2020 , ,