The 8 Packing List Tips for an Unforgettable Japan Trip

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Japan Travel Essentials


When going on any trips anywhere, travel preparation can be a little stressful and overwhelming especially when it comes to packing. Things that you would need to consider when it comes to packing are things like the type of clothing items to bring, whether it will be suitable for the weather, essential items to personal items, travel guidance, medications and a few things to be cautious and make sure the items are not prohibited or restricted items when entering through custom on to your holiday destination.

Japan is a great travel destination for anyone and everyone. One of the few places you must travel to if you needed to pick somewhere. Written below is an 8 packing list tips for you to consider when packing for your travel to Japan.


1. Japan Travel Essentials

Packing up

Remember all your basic everyday items, such as your travel documents, ID, wallet, and money.
• Passport (be sure it has 6 months or more left before it expires)
• Visa (if required – see Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information)
• Proof of airline tickets/reservations/boarding passes
• Customs forms and documents
• Verification of hotel reservations
• Transportation information and tickets (JR Passes, Suica, etc)
• Credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks, and other currency
• Identification documents, such as your driver’s license (International License)
• Maps and guide books
• Translation guide and/or travel apps on your smartphone
• Travel Insurance

2. Luggage and Bags

Lightweight luggage, the portable bag would be good to have as your checked or carry-on luggage for the trip. This can save you cost, space and weight when traveling between places or uses of public transport. A comfortable backpack is ideal for quick day trips around in Japan while storing your luggage’s behind. There are a few other services which can assist with travelers who have much luggage with them especially when traveling on transport such as in a shinkansen, bus, trains, etc., you might want to consider a service called ‘Luggage Forwarding’ or place them in ‘Coin Lockers’.
• Checked suitcase (if needed)
• Smaller carry-on luggage
• Purse, backpack, or day bag
• Garment bag for nicer clothes
• A laptop bag or briefcase
• ID tags for all your bags, with your name, home address, and hotel address listed

3. Clothing

Packing your outfit can be difficult as we can never know what to expect of the weather which is always a good idea to do some background research on the time period you are traveling to Japan or anywhere in the world.

Pack as minimum as possible and bring only basic items as you can layer and change up your outfit during the trip. Have about a week’s worth of clothes as that should suffice for trips lasting a week or more, as you can re-wear your clothing or just go around and shop for new clothes which allow you to bring new items back from a holiday. Most of the populated areas and cities in Japan have laundry services in hotels or coin-operated laundry in town that tourists can use so there is nothing to worry about.
Japanese style is modern and unique compared to other countries. But do avoid highly revealing clothing as it will seem unappropriated to Japanese custom especially being a tourist going to visit the shrines and temples.
• Undergarments x 8
• Socks x 8
• T-shirts
• Sturdy pair of walking shoes
• Dressy shoes
• Jacket
• Glasses/sunglasses
• Jeans, khakis, or light/dark pants x 2
• Shorts or a light dress or skirt x 2
• Long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts x 7
• PJ’s or sleepwear
• Formal/business wear (if there is any special occasion you are expected to attend e.g fine dining, wedding or business conference)
• Mittens, scarf, hat (if visiting in winter or colder destinations)
• Jewelry as desired/required by the type of trip – avoid bringing if you can (You can find nice and cute accessories in Japan)
• A hat or visor for when it’s sunny
• Swimwear


4. Toiletries and Personal Care

Make sure when packing your toiletries in your checked baggage that it to comply with airline regulations and customs to your travel destination. Don’t sweat toiletries too much – they are easy to pick up at convenience stores or hotels and especially in Japan, you can find anything and everything in Japan.
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Dental floss
• Eye drops
• Contact lens solution/contacts/glasses
• Comb/brush
• Nail clipper/file/tweezers kit
• Razor(s) and shaving needs
• Cosmetics
• Feminine care needs
• Cologne/perfume
• Creams and ointments, you might need
• Hair ties, bobby pins, or headbands

Packing Medicines

5. Medical and First Aid

You can easily purchase key first-aid items at convenience stores in Japan. However, basic wound-care items are always good to have with you while you travel. Check to make sure your prescription and over-the-counter medications are permitted in Japan and carry them with you.
• Bandages, gauze, and wound-care items
• Over-the-counter medications like painkillers, cough medicine, motion sickness pills, and vitamins
• Prescription medications – you may have to pre-certify the medication a month or more before your travel
• Any medical equipment or devices you may require (g., hearing aids)
• Copy of your medical history and medication information, either on your smartphone app or on a sheet of paper in your wallet/purse in case of emergency
• Emergency contact information


6. Electronics

Bring your smartphone and associated chargers, plugs, and gadgets for your trip to Japan, and keep in mind whether you’ll want to access them during the flight.
• Smartphone and charger
• Portable music player
• Headphones
• Portable power bank
• International adapter(s) for plug-in devices (Japan uses the 100V standard vs. the U.S. 120V standard, though the plugs look similar and many devices will work without issue)
• SIM card(s) to use your smartphone for calling and data while traveling (check with your wireless provider and plan)
• Camera and accessories
• Laptop/tablet/e-reader/other computer devices and associated cords, adapters, and accessories


7. Miscellaneous

Pack a few of these extra items to have with you “just in case”.It is always handy to have them with you or if not purchase them while on your trip.
• Stain remover pen
• Wrinkle release spray for clothes
• Portable sewing kit
• Glasses repair kit
• Tissues
• Pens and paper/notebook
• Deck of playing cards
• Spare batteries for electronics


8. Travel Items for Plane/Other Transit

Some flights to and back from Japan can be very long. Consider packing the following items to help with the plane ride and other long travel transit times once you land.
• Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones
• Sleep mask
• Antibacterial wipes and/or hand sanitizer
• Travel/neck pillow
• Sleeping pills or motion sickness pills
• Updated airline apps
• Updated media content on your devices
• Book(s)/magazines/reading material or e-reader and associated cords



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I recommend that from the lists above, write down the things you really do need and make a list of your own so when it comes to packing you can just tick them off as you go.
I hope the lists made things easier for you when packing to Japan or anywhere else on your travel itinerary. Especially those who are last-minute packers, it will surely help a lot.


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