Very Impressed with JTB Service

Dear Yoshie,
We’re back home from our holiday in Singapore and Japan last week.
We were very impressed with the JTB service. A JTB representative is always there to meet us at every train arrival as well as to send us off at every train departure to ensure that we have boarded the right train safely, etc.  We took the Nozomi Bullet Train from Kyoto to Tokyo. Wow, so fast and accurate. The train system is also very good. We should use it here in Melbourne.
Japan is a very nice country, clean, and the people are very courteous.  The people are always willing to assist us even if they don’t speak very good English. 
Thank you very much for all your assistance and service in making our holiday in Japan a wonderful experience.
I attach three photos of our trip, one taken at Mt Fuji (5th Station), the second at Tokyo Tower and the third one Russell and I with Hachiko (the dog) at Shibuya. 
Please tell the JTB management in Japan that we were very impressed with their service and we wouldn’t hesitate recommending the service to others who are thinking of travelling to Japan.
With best wishes,

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