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You are the best.

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Hi Anait,

YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thank you SO much for getting these so quickly!!

Have the most amazing day,


Great value for $$

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Hi Clement

Just wanted to let you know they had a brilliant time on their tour in Japan.  The two guides were great (1 I understand from JTB Melbourne).

Everything ran smoothly & felt it was great value for $$.




No doubt we will head back there

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Hi Amelia,

I’m so very sorry to take so long to get back to you.  This term has been crazy with sports, exams and the like, I literally haven’t had a moment to sit down.  

I wanted to thank you so much for everything, Japan was amazing and we loved every minute of it.  The initial train ride (from the airport) was a shock but we managed to get into the groove and work out our way around, so it was easy after that.  Loved Hakone, would have liked to stay there a bit longer as I really wanted to see the lake etc. but after heading out to Yunessan onsen (where you can wear your bathers), we didn’t get much time to anything else as we spent an afternoon out there.  In hindsight, we should have left some baggage at the train station and just taken overnight bags as it was difficult lugging everything there and back.  But it’s all a learning curve!

Kyoto was lovely, really enjoyed it there and Osaka wasn’t bad as well but even though I liked it, probably my least favourite.  Universal was a nightmare, thank goodness we had the Express Passes as we probably would have got on one or two rides max.  I’ve since learnt that school groups head there on a Monday, so it wasn’t ideal.  The school kids would line up and then during the course of the queue, let in another 20 or so of their friends along certain points which made it a really long line for each ride.  A couple of people complained but there wasn’t much done about it.  DisneySea on the other hand was a much nicer experience, we managed to see a lot there, obviously a lot quieter but I really enjoyed it so much more.

The Hiroshima tour was ok, we didn’t see as much as we should have as it was a really windy, rainy day (the only one we had which was just bad luck), but the tour guide was fairly ancient (lovely, but wasn’t able to move that quick), and in fairness, she largely ignored us because we were a younger group and she was focused on the oldies.  All fine, but I would probably look at doing this a different way next time or just head there on our own.  I loved the Miyajima portion of this too as we got to do a bit more of our own thing.

The hotels were great, neat and tidy mostly (although the Osaka one hadn’t been vacuumed under the bed for a while by the looks – dirty tissues, old slippers etc, it was pretty revolting).  I really appreciate you choosing ones for us that were easy to get to, it made a huge difference.

Other than that, it was all great.  The girls had an amazing time, and we walked a lot, tried different foods, did a little shopping.  Would definitely head back there again.  Thanks so much for all your assistance and advice, putting together our trip, it really made it a great holiday, and I have no doubt we will head back there sometime soon with the boys in tow.

Thanks again,



Had a great time

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Hi Clement,

Just letting you know that clients have arrived home safely & had a great time.

Overall, they were very happy with everything you had arranged. Just a couple of points for feedback:

During Golden Week apparently there was lots happening in Hiroshima, in terms of festivities, so if they had have known they would’ve stayed in Hiroshima over that period They didn’t find Kanazawa interesting & would skip it next time.  The hotel in Hiroshima was very noisy, right next to the train station, rooms were very small.   They weren’t charged any city taxes, anywhere!   They couldn’t believe it.

That’s all Clement, just for your reference. But overall wanted to thank you for everything.




Truly excellent (but too short). Must go back.

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Hello Amelia,

We had a great trip. The organisation was excellent, as was all the accommodation and provided meals  –  we especially loved the traditional evening meal and breakfast at Yoshike Ryokan. We enjoyed the varied experiences – traditional/modern, old architecture/new architecture, urban areas and rural, coastal/inland.

We were very happy with the location of all of our accommodation as we had easy access to eating areas (loved all the little restaurants and cafes everywhere!) and were in close proximity to other things to do and see in our spare time (e.g. shops, markets, the Rail Museum in Kyoto, river/canal walks, public transport etc.

Carol and I especially liked the varied use of public transport and trains (the best way to travel and see the countryside!) and liked the smaller motor coaches and their huge legroom! Carol and Alexander particularly liked the huge variety of food we could experience and I liked the fact you could get a cold beer on tap even in the smallest of Ramen eateries. We were all moved by the Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum.

The use of the Suica card was great. For example, in Tokyo after our organised trip to Shibuya and Harajuku we used it to circumnavigate Tokyo back to our hotel after stopping to visit the museums on the way. We used it in Kyoto and Osaka during “free time”.

A special mention should be made of Maya. She is a great guide. She is well organised, effectively managed our travel group, gave precise and clear instructions, got us onto and off trains quickly (especially the Shinkansens), had good information leaflets and maps and looked after individual needs as they arose. She did it all calmly and with a sense of humour. Her knowledge was excellent and her local advice (where to go, what to eat, what to see etc) in local areas was spot on. We can’t commend her highly enough.

So  thanks to you and JTB for the trip. It was truly excellent and we realise now too short. We will have to go back and see some of the north of Japan including Hokkaido.





Always prompt and helpful

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Thank-you Olivia; you are always so prompt and helpful.

Much appreciated


Out trip exceeded all our expectations

Monday, May 13th, 2019


Hello Blake,

Michael and I cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful organization and reservations.


Our trip exceeded all our expectations and we cannot speak highly enough of yourself, and also the staff of Sunrise Tours JTB whose attention to detail was superb.  We were met by their staff everywhere at all hours, night or day.  Our day tour of Tokyo was in perfect weather with awesome views from Tokyo Skytree Tower.  After finishing the tour at Asakusa we trained to Azabu-Juban for dinner and loved that area and its cafes.  ANZAC Day we had a wonderful tour to Mount Fuji as the road to the Fifth Station only opened on that day and although there was snow alongside the road, it was a clear day.  We enjoyed a traditional lunch at Highland amusement park  The Kyoto Tour covered all the historical places that we could absorb in one day – we seemed to walk miles.  We enjoyed a buffet lunch at the Kyoto Craft Centre.


Accommodation-wise – Shiba Park Hotel is excellent and all the taxi drivers, bus drivers and train station personnel recognized the name and knew its location and how to get to it.  As you know it is a minute or so walk from Daimon Station and a few minutes more to walk from Hamamatsucho Station (both stations covering three train lines).  Its restaurant serves excellent breakfasts and is open all day.  We entertained guests for lunch there.  Its staff were super-helpful and very experienced with international visitors (we left luggage with them twice).  Coaches to Haneda Airport stop at Shiba Park Hotel and the staff were familiar with reserving seats.


Karasuma Kyoto Hotel was very good with nice breakfasts – continental or full – very central with a Daimaru department store around the corner,  a train station entrance a couple of doors from the Hotel and a great variety of adjacent restaurants.  On our last day in Kyoto a waiter at breakfast suggested we must visit Arashi-yama to see the bamboo garden.  The town reminded me very much of Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains.  We had a beautiful day there, training both ways.


Mystays Premier Hotel in Tokyo was convenient to Hamamatsucho Station and had very nicely appointed rooms and a good breakfast.  The staff said they could not do anything about our return to Haneda Airport and, as recommended by them, we caught a taxi to Shiba Park Hotel a couple of blocks away who booked the last two seats on the limousine coach to the airport – very efficient.


Our friends met us on Sunday 28th after checking that we could get our Shinkansen tickets at Hamamatsucho Station instead of Tokyo Station which was a madhouse with people shoulder-to-shoulder, and our friends helped us get a Bento each.


Michael and I often stay at The Little National Hotel in Canberra so we were fine at the hotel in Kanazawa, but it would not suit everyone as the rooms are tiny with a small space around two sides of the bed.  Breakfast was not good at all so we ate elsewhere.  Our Volunteer guide was absolutely fantastic and we had the best day with him – we had to pay for him in addition to ourselves, including one-day bus ticket, entry fees, snacks, lunch, etc but he appeared to have a pass to access most places.  We walked nearly all day – temple,  tea house, Samurai house, Geisha house, gallery of local craft, morning tea, markets, lunch at the Kanazawa Culture Seafood Restaurant (after briefly queuing), the Kenroku-en Gardens and Kanazawa Castle, finishing with afternoon tea.  Apparently he enjoyed our company as he told our friend who organized the day.


Our second day at Kanazawa was a one-day coach tour to Shinagawa-Go and Ainokura—Gassho and stopped at Sasaraya to “make” senbei crackers on our way home.  We made the most of dining on local food in Kanazawa, walked the back streets looking for little restaurants with pictures of food on their menus – so easy to select by pointing!  Michael is now hooked on Kirin beer and I enjoyed white wines without being specific.


Our last night in Japan was spent at a restaurant in Roppongi having dinner with former neighbours, their children, in-laws and grandchildren – very memorable.


Having Suica cards was fantastic and we had to top them up twice.  We trained to Ginza on our first night.  After lunch with friends at Ginza we trained to Yokohama with them on our second day then we trained to Shinjuku and finally back to Daimon.  We got to understand the railway system quite well and travelled very confidently.


Blake, our suitcases were far too large for either of us to manage and we packed unnecessarily.  We purchased small suitcases and backpacks in Japan and left our large suitcases at Shiba Park Hotel.  The small suitcases fitted in the luggage racks of the Shinkansen.


We did take a box of Irish Breakfast Tea bags and purchased sugar straws and milk at 7-11 stores which are everywhere so that we regularly enjoyed familiar cups of tea in our hotel rooms.  Our NAB Traveller cards were accepted at all 7-11 ATM’s.


Blake, thank you very much for your advice and for your arrangements which made our holiday in Japan a perfect and memorable time.


When I worked for the Managing Directors of Sony Australia, I met the Managing Director of Sony Music, whose vehicle number plate was ATD.  When I asked him the meaning of his number plate, he told me it was his doctrine – Attention to Detail.  You certainly planned our whole trip beautifully without overlooking any details and we sincerely appreciate all the thought and effort you put into our truly wonderful holiday.


Cheers, Patricia and Michael 


PS:  It was such a bonus to be in Japan at the time of the abdication of the former Emperor, and the installation of the new Emperor.  How lucky were we to share the excitement with the Japanese people!


Excellent JTB Guides

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Hi Anait,

I would like to let JTB sunrise tours know how much we enjoyed all the tours. All the guides, with one exception were excellent but I particularly want to mention Yumi Sakaki who met us at Kyoto station and Kasuko who travelled with us from Nagasaki to Kanazawa.

Yumi was extremely helpful,and went out of her way to give us extra information about  sightseeing in Kyoto. Her job was to meet us at the train and take us to the hotel but she did much more than could be expected.
Kasuko was a wonderful guide for the three days we were with her and the trip through the mountains was one of the favorite parts of our holiday.

Could you pass on these comments to JBT please? I haven’t been able to find out how to contact them directly

Thank you, 

Everything worked out well

Monday, May 6th, 2019

Hi Blake, 

How are you going ?

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with our trip, everything worked out well and the tours were great, especially the walking tour of Arasyama (even though it rained) 

I would definitely recommend the mimaru chain, they were lovely. 

The 5 day JR west pass was awesome, we used it to get everywhere including miyajima island and to Kansai airport, which ended up being easy, there’s a train called the Haruka you can get from Osaka, just for you reference.

I found setting up the sim card tricky, but worked it out eventually.

Thanks again, regards



Definitely going back again.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

Hi Amelia,

It was brilliant, the Japanese people are so polite and friendly, the culture is amazing, we will definitely be going back again, loved Kyoto!

Your associates JTB are great, well organised and everything goes to plan. Only concern I noted was that after a days activities the trip ends at the last point of call and not back at the pick up point, some people were a bit stressed about how to get back on  rail etc.

Thanks for your organisation and suggestions, will return,

Regards Bob