Excellent JTB Guides

Hi Anait,

I would like to let JTB sunrise tours know how much we enjoyed all the tours. All the guides, with one exception were excellent but I particularly want to mention Yumi Sakaki who met us at Kyoto station and Kasuko who travelled with us from Nagasaki to Kanazawa.

Yumi was extremely helpful,and went out of her way to give us extra information about  sightseeing in Kyoto. Her job was to meet us at the train and take us to the hotel but she did much more than could be expected.
Kasuko was a wonderful guide for the three days we were with her and the trip through the mountains was one of the favorite parts of our holiday.

Could you pass on these comments to JBT please? I haven’t been able to find out how to contact them directly

Thank you, 

May. 2019

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