It was amazing!!

Hi Olivia :)

Trip was amazing!  Was thinking about sending you some feedback :)

We walked our feet off in all our stops. And managed the train system really well. 

Highlight of the trip (other than the skiing!) was accidentally walking into the once a year only presentation of the new Geisha (Maiko) in Kyoto. Paparazzo everywhere. Was full on! Amazing once in lifetime experience. Hyatt was great!

We all loved Tokyo!  Especially the vintage clothing districts!  We think Melbourne is good… but Tokyo is amazing for vintage/second hand gear!

Miyajima was gorgeous! Very relaxing. Futons a bit hard ? but manageable. Resort understated but lovely and the location,  WOW!!  It’s on the edge of an amazing forest and hike area. We climbed the mountain, did the cable car back etc. all this literally at our doorstep. The winding market streets amazing too. We all wore kimonos to dinner one night which was fun. Amazing young woman served us at dinner each night. Really worth letting them know how lovely she was, so I might send them note. We all did the Japanese breakfast thing here which was culturally interesting. We also did the back pack thing and sent our bags ahead onto the alps. Great suggestion :)

Skiing was unbelievable! The accom was really good. However Damain and I upgraded from the booker 4 star wing to the 5, which was bigger and nicer. Left the boys as booked ? Worth noting that the resort has 3-4 different levels of accom. Also worth noting that the resort is a bit kooky! No bar opens before 7pm. Real issue for all staying. People couldn’t believe they couldn’t get a G & T or decent wine before 7. Only whisky and beer and cask

wine available in funny little corner areas before 7.  Food really expensive and average. But still was a very glamorous stay and so few people. Slopes and resort really quiet. We had it almost to ourselves at times. And the snow!!!  Such a bonus. Not sure how long this will last as the snow is def attracting the aussies. Some were saying that it’s better than Switzerland! We had a really lovely stay! Staff odd but nice. Not very sophisticated. Still worth recommending as a destination, just be good to warn future aussies about the food/cost and bar issue. We did go into town on shuttle one night for an average pizza but fun nonetheless. We did notice aussies going into town to get supplies a bit. Alcohol and water and snacks etc. Great cafe/bakery though for quite good coffee surprisingly and pastries and sandwiches at lunch time. The powder on the slope makes up for all the kookiness and other issue though haha 

Thanks for all your help and we will remember the trip forever!!


Jan. 2019

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