Everything went perfectly according to plan

Hi Miyuki

Back safely from our superb holiday in Japan. Everything went perfectly and according to plan and we loved every minute. Thank you for your help and excellent service.

If i were to be extremely fussy, which i’m not, there were two minor details that maybe you can use as feedback. 

  1. The Sunrise tour from Tokyo to Mt Fuji/Hakone was scheduled to have dropped us off at our accommodation at the end of the tour. However, we were left to catch a public bus when the bus stopped at the lakeside destination and we had to find our accommodation in complete darkness in the middle of nowhere with 4 suitcases!
  2. Our Tokyo Hotel was excellent as we had renovated room for first 3 days at start of our holiday. However, we were booked into very substandard room on our return to the same hotel before flying home. The room was smelly and had very dirty carpets and clearly had not seen a renovator for years!

Otherwise all was of an excellent standard throughout our trip with no other hiccups and the JR ticket was very convenient and just about broke even with actual train costs we used.

Best wishes for a good holiday and great new year

David and Lea 

Jan. 2019

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