I will definitely use JTB in the future

Please be advised that I wish to commend the customer service that I received from a member of your organisation.
I made some bookings through a travel agency that did in no way make me feel that they were working in my best interest, or even working pro-actively to help me make the best choices.

I ended up being charged quite heavily for travel amendments but researched my options and finally booked what was to be a wonderful trip for the three of us.
So very sadly the poor people of Japan experienced the dreadful tsunami that devastated so many lives and the proposed holiday that we had planned.
I was awaiting a refund from JTB when my travel agency advised that unless I paid in full for my new travel by Friday, it would be cancelled. I asked if we could contact JTB to query the refund date and possibility of processing it quickly to avoid further cancellations. The travel agent replied that this was not an option and that my refund may not even be processed before I travelled in mid April let alone in time to cover the new charges.

I decided that I would in fact call JTB myself. I spoke to Melina who listened to my story and looked up my booking for me. She told me that my booking had been made by my agent through Melbourne and put me on hold. I completely expected for her to transfer me to an operator in Melbourne but instead she came back on the line to tell me that my refund had been approved and processed as a cheque, due to my circumstances she had spoken to the relevant Accounts person and had the refund changed to a direct payment back to my travel agent. She was well spoken, very helpful and very efficient. Not only did she sort this issue out for me in a short time, but she also called me back shortly after to advise that it had all been done.
Thank you Melina, you have been a ray of sunshine through a very difficult time.
I will definitely use JTB in the future, but I will deal with you directly.

Mar. 2011

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