Honeymoon to remember!

Hi Clement!

It was AMAZING!!!! Such a beautiful resort. All the staff were extremely helpful and attentive. The food was superb! The services available at the resort were good too. You could have dinner in your PJ’s! I mean come on, how cool is that. Of course the highlight was the hot springs. The views were beautiful, and oh so relaxing!!! Ahhhhh…I’m imagining I am there now!! IF only huh!? Anyway as you can tell we loved it. Definitely the highlight of our trip. It was good that it was towards the end of our holiday too. It ensured that we were extra relaxed before coming home. I think 3 nights there is plenty too, any longer and you may get a little bored. But thats just me. I can’t sit still for long.

Hope this helps!!
Thanks again for all your planning and organising of our honeymoon. Its def one holiday we will always always remember.


Jul. 2012

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