They absolutely loved Japan

Hi Kareem, Clients absolutely LOVED Japan. They had a brilliant time and loved the rail pass. They did meet the sumo tour but they just had to leave Osaka early that’s all. But that wasn’t an issue. The only things that they pointed out, was that the rail pass- it wasn’t very clear as to which trains were included and which were not. The info booklet needs to be clearer with this information and also approximate times to and from the main destinations would have been good as a guide. A more detailed map would have also been good to send through with the documents so clients can have a better grasp on the area prior to departure. These clients also wanted to climb Mt Fuji and you had advised us that its something that you cannot pre book for here and they need to enquire from there. So once they arrived into Tokyo they enquired about it and they were told that all the busses to get there were booked. Do you know just for future reference if there is any way we can pre book these? Even if the clients do it on line? They were aware it was coming to the end of the season to climb it but if they had known about booking the busses beforehand, they would have been happy to do that and wait and see what the weather was doing. Any feedback on this would be great! Looks like Japan is the place to be! Lots of enquiries into our office this year. More so than any other year!  Look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards, Matina

Sep. 2016

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