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Monday, December 10th, 2018

Hi Clement

Our clients have returned from Japan and had a fantastic holiday so wanted to share their feedback of the travel arrangements booked through JTB. 

“Had the most wonderful time! it was better than i possibly hoped it could be.

Arrival was smooth and how you described – the metro was very easy to use we put 5000 yen on our pasmo and that keep us beeping in and out of stations happily (the kids ones chirp like a baby bird).

The JTB tours were fantastic and they way the looked after us and made sure we got from point to point was very special (sending people in taxi’s to pick us up and ride the train with us)

The cooking class was great! I’m glad you included the directions or we would still be looking for it also it would be good to know it was called cooking sun – photo included)”

Kind regards