Sumo Tournament

Tokyo Sumo Tournament (From Ryogoku)

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This Sumo tour is a fantastic way to have fun and learn more about this famous Japanese past-time. Enjoy a thrilling Sumo-filled afternoon! (Tournament date 2017: 14-28 May, 10-24Sep)

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14:00 – 18:30
Half Day
English Speaking Guide

Tour Itinerary


14:00 Ryogoku View Hotel

Ryogoku Station
The whole area around Ryogoku Station is filled with the atmosphere of the Grand Sumo Tournament. There are also many chanko stew restaurants run by former sumo wrestlers in this area.

Watch Sumo at Ryogoku Kokugikan
Participants will watch sumo matches from the 2nd-floor, B-class chair seating, after visiting the Sumo Museum. Enjoy the thrilling matches from your reserved seat. A sumo brochure and an English sumo ranking list will also be provided. You may have to wait to be taken to your seat if one of the following events is underway at the time: a sumo match, the ring entering procession of the Makuuchi division wrestlers, the ring entering procession of the Yokozuna, the ritual stomping ceremony, or a speech by the Sumo Association (on tournament’s 1st and last days). Junior division sumo matches are held first, proceeding to higher rank matches as the day goes on.

15:45 Makuuchi Wrestler Ceremonial Entrance
The atmosphere in the arena brightens instantly as senior division wrestlers wearing vivid ‘kesho-mawashi’ ceremonial aprons enter the ring and form a circle.

16:00 Yokozuna Grand Champion Ring Entrance
The yokozuna enter the ring accompanied by two apprentices.

Intense bouts between the highest division wrestlers begin.
How to enjoy Sumo: Watching the sumo matches is the main event, but there are many other things to enjoy at the Kokugikan arena. First, check out the arena entrance lobby to look at the championship flags and other items given to champion sumo wrestlers. The lobby is also a popular spot for photo taking. Secondly, the arena houses a Sumo Museum where important sumo related items such as woodblock prints, folding screens and ceremonial aprons from as far back as the Edo period are on display. Check out the exhibit during a break in the sumo matches. Finally, don’t forget to browse through the various sumo-related goods that are on sale.

18:30 Tour Ends
You will return to your accommodation by your own means after the tour. The guide will explain how to get back to your hotel.

* Participants watch sumo matches from 2nd-floor, B-class chair seating, after visiting the Sumo Museum which is located inside Kokugikan arena.
* Please refrain from bringing food and drinks into the arena. Please purchase food and refreshments from the vendors inside the arena.
* Depending on the number of participants, the tour may go directly to Ryogoku Kokugikan from the pick-up location. In some cases, the tour will go from Hamamatsucho by bus.
* Participants may not join the tour midway through.
* Child 4- 11, Infant 3 years of age or younger required a seat must purchase child ticket.

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