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The perfect place to indulge in Hello Kitty’s world of cuteness!

Meet the famous Hello Kitty and all her adorable character friends! There are many attractions and live shows for you to enjoy. Book your tickets through JTB before you depart!

 PRICE $34 Per Person

Open Dated Ticket


  • KAWAII KABUKI – Momotaro by the Hello Kitty Troupe.This collaborative musical show is a fusion of Sanrio characters’ KAWAII and KABUKI, one of Japan’s traditional performing arts.
    Don’t miss seeing the characters in their best costumes! We hope you’re looking forward to seeing it!
  • From cute-looking dishes with character motifs to meals that will satisfy your hunger, there’s something for everyone! There’s plenty to choose from and it’s sure to be picture-perfect!
  • You can get all kinds of goodies! There’s an overwhelming number and variety of products, including not only candy, but also stationery, clothing, and more.
    You can find a heap of goods featuring popular characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll! And there are loads of original products that can only be found at Puroland. You’re sure to find your favorite items!
  • You might even get to meet and take pictures with your favorite Sanrio characters! Be sure to capture photos of all your memorable moments!
    The characters you can meet vary depending on the day.
    You’ll have to wait until the day of your visit to find out who will be there!


  • A 5 minute walk from Tama Center Station via Keio Line, Odakyu Line and Tama Monorail line to Sanrio Puroland.
  • About 30 minutes from Shinjuku on the Keio Semi Special Express for Hashimoto.

Park Open/Closed Dates

  • Please ensure you check the official website whether the park is open on the day you wish to enter


JTB Australia Tour
JTB Australia Tour
JTB Australia Tour
JTB Australia Tour
JTB Australia Tour
JTB Australia Tour