[CULTURAL IMMERSION] Tea Experience and Local Interaction in the Coastal Town of Shiogama!

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JTB Australia Tour
JTB Australia Tour

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Up on the north eastern coast of Japan’s mainland of Honshu, lies the quiet town of Shiogama, home to exclusive sake breweries, unique shrines, and delightfully friendly locals. This exclusive virtual tour will evoke nostalgia in all who have visited Japan, and a love for all things local for those who have not! Join Jess (and us!) as we chat with local tea masters and explore this sleepy town in all its charm.

Shiogama is most commonly known for its proximity to the neighbouring Matsushima Bay, itself renowned for being one of the three most scenic experiences in Japan. We head first to Shiogama Shrine, to learn about the history of Shiogama and its salt-making legacy. From there, we’ll walk through town, hitting a local sake shop along the way to learn of Shiogama-centric varieties of sake, followed by Okama Shrine, and then passing by Urakasumi Sake Brewery (which you can only go inside in person!). We end up at Yabe-san’s tea store, where we have a fun interactive chat, and Yabe-san teaches us about different and creative ways of serving tea. Make sure you visit Yabe-san when you go to Japan, and don’t miss out on his frozen treats store as well!

Terms and Conditions:

Terms & Conditions
1) Virtual touring is conducted via the Zoom/Discord online platform, to be accessed on your device of choice. JTB does not take any responsibility for technical limitations for viewing of the content at the participant’s end.
2) While we do our best to ensure that technical issues are minimized, some issues beyond our control may occur due to external factors such as weather, or connectivity disruptions. JTB does not take responsibility for any such issues which may occur on occasion over the course of virtual touring.
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4) * Travel Credit is limited to one per person, per booking. Credit is transferrable to a family member only. One credit per person per booking only can be redeemed on travel services to Japan. Conditions: Travel must be prior to 31/03/22 and the total cost of the travel package booked is over $1000 (excluding rail passes). Credit may not be redeemed for cash.

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JTB Australia Tour
JTB Australia Tour
JTB Australia Tour


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