You knew what you were doing

Dear Miyuki,

Currently at the Shangrila which is magnificent to return to after the 3 day tour to Kanazawa. I want to thank you very much for your understated and humble organisation, and like the wonderful culture of Japan that we have experienced. The different guides and facilitation by Sunrise/JTB was first class- amazing how they are there always ahead of time to meet you. All guides were good, most well understandable- a credit to them. The last on the 3 day tour , Kazuka was magnificent. Also Michi of Kyoto who took us to Himijei castle, went our of her way to find out where the photo I wanted was taken. She found out it was taken from the zoo, and allowed me to sidetrack.

It was worth it. I had the opportunity to talk to a visiting kindergarten group at the exhibit of the Kangaroos- very timely.

Will talk after we settle down at home. In our situation, I think the half day tours are good, and certainly you need a break between each full day tour. We were exhausted to start the  3rd  day of the 3 day tour and then, we saw the gardens of Kanazawa castle, which were absolutely breathtaking.

The Shangrila was a blessed respite for Voulette, with Daimaru downstairs.

You knew what you were doing. Keio Plaza Hotel is a wonderful experience as is Shangrila. The Kyoto Hotel put us in a standard room at first which we rejected, then temporarily in a double room which was smokey, the next day in a Superior room (smokey although non- smoking, and finally in a nice light Superior room, which nobody had fortunately smoked in. Was a great stay thereon, and the people were wonderful;.

Following is an extract from what I have sent to some friends.

God bless you and your family always,



On a following 3 day tour from Kyoto We traversed the country from East Coast to the Japanese Alps (Takayama, the steep thatched farmhouse village of Shirakawa-go (every name has a meaning- house constructed like hands in

prayer)- where they grew silk worms in the upper levels fed om mulberry leaves). The new 200K highway has 40 tunnels through the mountains. Then finally to  Kanazawa on the coast- crabs, seafood and the Kanazawa Castle and Gardens- the best yet and magnificent autumn tints). The Shinkansen (bullet train now only takes 3 hours from West to east coast to Tokyo Yet, except for the mountains, populated all the way..  All amazing – Japanese ingenuity and technology, respect, humility and politeness. An Sydney lady from our group of 12 on this three day tour, fell and fractured her hip, requiring surgery. The immediate professional handling in the town of

Takayama was first class.    Forgive the solo photo, but unjustifiably,

Voulette is a reluctant subject

Best wishes, Emil

Nov. 2018

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