Truly wonderful and couldn’t fault anything!

Dear Clem

it was truly wonderful! We should have stayed longer!

I took lots of photos, of the dinner we ate (and one of the breakfast). The staff couldn’t do enough to please us. There were 2 spas, unfortunately we only found one of them as it was dark and we got lost. They offered to drive us there but Michael did not want to bother them.

The Meditation Spa was really good. The outdoor spa was the one we couldn’t find (would you believe) and we ran out of time. The room’s bath was wonderful (traditional bath) and the suggestion you made that we go to the second floor was brilliant. It made a huge difference!

Aesthetically the room, scenery and surroundings were really pleasing. They took a lot of care with the aesthetics. Michael was really happy with the heated floor and the double windows. The colourful turning trees (shades of red and orange) also added to the aesthetics.

The food was prepared with great attention to detail and presentation. I kept a copy of the menu (standard one) and also my one, which I will email you when I get home.

The miso is one of the specialties of the region (they pointed this out) as well as well as their apples. The tofu was really creamy and delicious (I only had a tiny bit). It was a local tofu and very rich – yum. The nut ice cream (for Michael) and sorbet for me were both also special. Michael was most impressed with the grilled salmon for breakfast. Really well prepared, Michael says.

The hoji cha and and the traditional whisked green tea were both also just right. Attention was given to the matching of food and the drinks with them.

The breakfast was worth the extra 8,000 (approx) yen – for 2 of us.

To summarise, it was wonderful!!!! Neither Michael nor I could fault anything!!!

We are both really grateful that you found and suggested this place for us!

I hope we can go back there again!

It really delivered on this idea of a retreat from ordinary life. A place to stop and reflect. Not even the rain could take away from the atmosphere (umbrellas were provided).

Thank you again from both of us!!!!

I will be in touch soon with photos (on a CD) and the menus etc from the Hoshinoya Karuizawa.

best wishes


Oct. 2017

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