The service you provided to us was of the highest standard.

Hello Yoshie

I would like to thank you very much for organising our trip to Japan. We arrived home safely yesterday.

The trip was an absolutely wonderful experience. Everything went according to the advice and schedule you provided to us. The service  you provided to us was of the highest standard.

The work done by our Tour Guide, Riki Inamura, was absolutely outstanding and he engendered our confidence in him from our very first meeting with him in Tokyo.  I would appreciate it if you would pass my appreciation of Riki’s work on to the the Manager of JTB Australia.

The additional Tourist Guide work by Sumiyo Terada in Tokyo and Yasuko Noguchi in Kyoto was also of outstanding value to us. Would you also please pass on my sincere thanks to JTB Japan for the work done by Sumiyo and Yasuko.

Thank you again.

Yours in appreciation,


Oct. 2011 , ,

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