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Hi Kathy,

I’m glad to be back!
The trip did go well and I was happy with the arrangements. It was great to be met at the airport and taken into the YH at Iidabashi (great location). I wouldn’t exactly rave about the food at the YH, but having breakfast and lunch provided was convenient. Next time, I think I would prefer room at the YH with a smaller capacity (like 4 or 6 to a room).
I’m glad we started at the lower end of accommodation and went to the higher end last in Kyoto. I would maybe go to Kyoto before Hiroshima.
I would definitely do all those locations again.
It was good to have use of the Japanese mobile and having the bus pick us up in Osaka to take us out to the airport was excellent.
Having now done my first trip in charge I would certainly have more confidence to do another one in the future.

Thanks for all your work and help to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Kind regards,

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