Pretty overwhelming!

Hi Chris, Thank you so so so much for your help with this. The customers were absolutely amazed that we had put together something so thorough so efficiently and I really appreciate your help with that! They do have a few modifications which I was hoping you could assist with (as listed below): • They want to spend only 1 night in Kagoshima now and add 1 night in Tokyo to compensate for that. o Please leave Tokyo accomm as it is (they would like to spend their extra night there in a Capsule hotel which I will organise) o Please modify the itinerary by pushing everything 1 day back to compensate for this extra day in Tokyo (sorry!!!) • Pls add in Tsukiji Outer Fish market & Sushi Workshop (p 29 of brochure) Other than that, they are extremely happy with what you’ve put together. I found this one pretty overwhelming during my first consultation because I didn’t know much about Japan but you’ve made it so easy for me so thank you so so so much! :) Thank you, Emily

Aug. 2016

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