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Dear Clem

Thank you for your assistance with my trip. I have returned and I just wanted to say thanks, it all worked out fine.

Italy was absolutely FREEZING but wonderful. Both Venice and Florence are special places. I once spent 6 weeks in Florence and would have happily done that again, just walking around and going to look at all the art. We found a couple of lovely places to eat there to. We also got to go to the Chianti wine region and to one of the wineries, which was special.

Osenkaku Ryokan was special and Michael loved it, as of course did I. He was a bit doubtful until we got there, complaining of the travelling, but then he got in the water and he was sold! The staff were wonderful too, as was the food. More of the staff speak a few words of English now than before, and I think it was a deliberate move on their behalf.

I think Michael now has the travel bug, so we have to pay for this holiday so that we can travel again. Certainly, I plan to go back to Japan later this year! I have to start planning it. That is the only way I can cope with being back after a holiday, to plan the next one!

Best wishes and thank you for taking an interest


May. 2010

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