Most enjoyable time

Dear Olivia,

I was wondering if you could pass on the following comments/ review to JTB in Hokkaido?

We have just spent the most enjoyable time with two wonderful people helping us understand and come to love this amazing island of Hokkaido. Our bus driver, Kumada San was always extremely courteous, kept the bus impeccably clean, impressed us with his careful, smooth and safe driving and his ready smile.

Suzuki Michiko San is amazing. Not only does she have very good English, she is extremely well researched and seems to be able to read our minds. We often start off with questions about the topic or sightseeing spot but before we can voice them, the answers come in her descriptions, which are clearly presented and very interesting. From the very beginning, we were impressed with her excellent manner, her kindness, patience and willingness to help as best she can. We learnt so much, not just about the sights we visited, but about what it is like to live in this land of long winters. We came away with a better understanding of the culture of the peoples of Hokkaido, even some of the stories and songs. It was sad to say goodbye to a lovely person, whom we came to look upon as a newfound friend.

With Kumada-san and Suzuki-san we had the best team in Hokkaido. Thank you to all involved in making this possible.


May. 2011

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