had an incredible time in Japan!

Thank you so much for sending this through!  I had an incredible time in Japan! I absolutely LOVED Japan. It really took me by surprise! I really didn’t anticipate to love it as much as I had, truth be told. I can see why you visit so often!  Excellent – thank you so much for this tip! (This is why you are our Japan Go-To Guy). Haha.  Oh, you are such a sweetheart!  Thank you Chris. I feel it makes my job easier, not to mention your job easier! (I hope at least) I am very A-Type in my life and work and just can’t help but set things out this way – there’s no other way for me! Haha. (Sometimes it’s a curse – you should see my client Itineraries. I spend HOURS on them!) But, I’d rather be as thorough and as helpful as possible. I feel like this is what all Travel Agents should provide their customers with.  I will send this through to my client and advise if they wish to go ahead.  Have a lovely afternoon Chris!  PS. Take me back! LOL. Warmest Regards, STEFANIA

Oct. 2016

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