Honeymoon in Japan

Dear Miyuki, I just came back to Australia from Japan on our honeymoon. My wife and I really enjoyed our time in Japan. As we went during the children summer holidays, there was a lot of activities, events and exhibition going on and we had fun exploring them. We also meet up with a japanese family which my wife stayed with during a exchange program and they brought us to see a local festival where they splash water on a shrine carried by different groups of people to the temple. Japan have many unqiue and interesting places and shops, each area was different and have new things to explore and see. The people were friendly and even thou it was crowded, everyone was orderly and polite. However, it is because of your excellent service to assist us by sending us the Studio Ghibli museum tickets that we were able to fully enjoy ourselves. We were able to experience the magic of Studio Ghibli and love the short cartoon film they showed inside. Thanks so much for your help Miyuki, I would definitely visit Japan again and I would love to have your assistance again. Kind regards, Jeremy and Veronica

Aug. 2015

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