Congrats to JTB

Many thanks to you and Clement  Kueh for organising a wonderful Japan trip with a lot of  variety and excellent arrangements. I took a wee number of photographs as it appeared to be the Nikon and Canon capital of the world.
Also thanks to a wonderful Japan train, bus, road and accommodation systems and the all the extremely helpful Japanese. A pleasure to travel their country and see their sights and history.
Congrats to  JTB and it was JTB who also ran my father and mother’s tour
44 years ago to similar areas.

Re Shimanami  I may come up with a more convenient Hotel with restaurant next door (providing I can get a translation from the photograph I have
taken) as it would be more convenient and less distance from main cycle track than Royakan Chaume on Omishima Island during Shimanami bicycle tour. It may be of benefit to future clients considering the same bicycle trip and warning that particularly wind conditions may sometimes temp.
close the track at passes to high bridges.

Many thanks for your help and advice Graham


May. 2012 ,

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