Beyond her Duty

Dear Ms Hardy

I understand you are Eri Tamai’s manager.  I would like to bring your attention to the quality of the service Eri has provided me.

Eri has been assisting with my Japan travel plans.  As we will not be joining any guided tours, the itinerary has had to be put together from scratch.  The fact that this is my first trip to Japan also did not help.  However, Eri’s approach to the whole exercise has been exceptionally professional and dedicated.  Not only did she help us with the itinerary, she also assisted us with a number of things beyond her duty.  She certainly took the trouble away from me (which I greatly appreciate).

I have visited all your other competitors before settling with JTB.  I can say that none of the other consultants were as dedicated or knowledgeable as Eri.

I will have no hesitation in recommending Eri’s service to all my friends.  It is a credit to your organisation to have such a well experienced and dedicated staff member.

Thank you again.

Jul. 2012

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