A very successful tour

Hello Clement, The trip was a very successful one.! The people we went with were an elderly group, which a few of them could not do some of the activities, but we did point this out, from the very start, that there was a certain level of fitness required and there was a lot of walking involved. Personally, I was not a lover of Japanese food, myself, but the group were willing to give it ‘a go”. The fruit was Excellent!!! The apples were so big and juicy!! The guide we had, Ms Kunie Annen , is a absolutely fantastic person, with lots of energy and our clients really bonded with her.. If I would recommend anything with this tour, I would recommend that whether you could introduce more Buffet meals. We went to a Buffet luncheon in Kyoto, which was very good and I know the group did appreciate the variety of food they could have. The accommodation in Kyoto, The Kyoto Tower Annex, was a little disappointing, especially when we were use to staying at the other Properties, but I think we had to select this Hotel, due to a currency surcharge and we didn’t want our Clients parting out the extra dollars to stay at the alternate Accommodation, which in hindsight, would have been a lot better, BUT we learn… Japan is just a beautiful looking Country with all its forests and scenery, whilst on the trains, was excellent viewing.. The people show respect and there is not a lot of rubbish bins around to put your Rubbish, which I couldn’t believe how clean the streets were… It was a real education for me to go to Hiroshima and visit the Museum and see the destruction of what effects it had.. I was surprised how little English was spoken in Japan, but this made it interesting in trying to communicate with the people.. Hopefully, we can be known as the Travel Agency in Ballarat , for people to book their Japanese holidays and we never know, whether we can look at taking another tour Group to Japan in the future with JTB. Thanking you.. Kindest Regards Hayden

Sep. 2016

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