99% enjoyed it thoroughly

Hi Ayumi, thank you for all your help with our Japan holiday , it was fantastic , the 14 day green rail pass , perfect.  Hotels were great, except for the one in Osaka..very small room , very basic amenities.. but its redeeming factor was that it was very close to the station and dining, shops under ground … Best hotel was the Sheraton, Hiroshima.  Keio plaza in Tokyo was excellent also … all your instructions were great …we visited many palaces and shrines.  Takayama was a lovely sleepy village, great old traditional Japanese homes we visited.  Great weathe .. rained only 3 out of the 12 days.. but that didn’t stop us from going out.. raincoat on , weather was still warm .

So 99% we enjoyed it thoroughly

Thanks once again

Mike & Pam

Oct. 2018

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