Tokushima golf, fishing, museum of art

Tokushima 4 day tour

Golf, boat fishing and Otsuka Museum of Art

Dates: Tuesday, September 4 – Friday, September 7


Playing Golf

Play golf as you feel the atmosphere of World Masters Games 2021 Kansai at “GRANDEE NARUTO GOLF CLUB 36,” the official competition venue.


Boat Fishing Experience

Unforgettable experience of boat fishing with a local fisherman. Catch freshly fish – the products of the currents of the Naruto channel. Taste Naruto’s succulent sea bream for lunch.


Experience world’s acclaimed museums in OTSUKA MUSEUM OF ART

Commemorating its 20th anniversary since March 2018, the museum has exhibited the ceramic board reproduction of Van Gogh’s “Seven Sunflowers” in their original dimensions. Visitors can enjoy and experience replicas of world’s masterpieces and museums while staying in Japan.


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