Mountain Holiday 3 Day Tour of Kamikochi and Takeyama Kurobe Alpine Resort

Mountain Holiday 3-Day Tour of Kamikochi and Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Resort

Kamikochi is a small basin some 1,500 meters above sea level on the upper stream area of the Azusa-gawa River. Walter Weston, a British missionary and mountain climber introduced Kamikochi to the world in the 19th century. Since then many climbers have visited Kamikochi for the mountains and natural beauty.

The tour operates twice a week from Tokyo between April and November. If you are looking for a tour that takes in some of Japan’s natural beauty, talk to us about our new Mountain Holiday Tours.

Visits: Matsumoto, Kurobe Dam
Tour Code: SUN3GL700O, SUN3GL700R
Departure Dates: 08 May 2016 – 09 November 2016
(except 17 Jul, 07,10,14 Aug, 18 Sep, 09 Oct, 02 Nov)
Departs from: Shinjuku, Tokyo
Cost, One way trip: Adult From : $1,642, Child From: $1,424
Cost, Return trip: Adult From: $1,672, Child From: $1,451


  • English speaking guide service included days 1-3 except while on board train & express bus
  • 1 Breakfast & 1 Dinner at the hotel in Unazuki Onsen included.
  • Minimum 2 persons are required to run a tour


  1. Due to road situations, congestion circumstances, climate conditions, etc., we may have to change a part of the schedule or the time of visiting.
  2. Temperature of Tateyama, Kurobe and Kamikochi is 10 to 15 degrees C below that of Tokyo. Snow may remain on Tateyama in June. In spring and autumn a snowsuit like a coat is necessary.
  3. Please join in comfortable clothes and shoes [sneakers or trekking shoes]. For an overnight bag, a casual bag like a knapsack is recommended.
  4. From Matsumoto to Kamikochi, you may have to change from a local train to a fixed route bus
  5. When entry of sightseeing buses to Kamikochi is restricted during the summer season, you may be required to change to a fixed route bus in part.
  6. Depending on the number of participants, a chartered car may be used instead of the public transportation.



Day 1: Tokyo – Kamikochi – Omachi Onsen Place of Stay: Omachi Onsen
8:00 a.m. Shinjuku (Keio Plaza Hotel) walking Shinjuku Sta. train (Ltd. Express/ 180 min) Matsumoto Sta. motorcoach (local bus) Kamikochi (120 min) motorcoach (local bus) Shin-Shimashima Sta. train Matsumoto Sta. train Shinano Omachi Sta. (taxi) Omachi Onsen
7:40 – 8:20 p.m. Arrive at Kuroyon Royal Hotel
Day 2: Omachi Onsen – Tateyama Kurobe – Unazuki Breakfast included Dinner included Place of Stay: Unazuki
8:00 a.m. Hotel walking motorcoach (local bus) Ougisawa (trolley bus) Kurobe Dam (30 min) walking Kurobe Lake (cablecar) Kurobe Daira ropeway Daikanbo (trolley bus) Murodo (60 min) (Free Time) (cablecar) Tateyama Sta. train Unazuki Onsen Sta.
6:30 – 7:00 p.m. Arrive at Hotel Kurobe (Japanese Room)

One Way Trip Plan

Day 3: Unazuki Onsen – Kyoto Place of Stay: N/A
8:00 a.m. Hotel walking Unazuki Sta. (Tramcar) Kanetsuri Sta. (40 min) (Tramcar) Unazuki/ Unazuki Onsen Sta. train (Express train) Toyama Sta. train (Ltd. Express/ 40 min) Kanazawa Sta. train (Ltd. Express/ 130 min)
4:00 – 6:30 p.m. Arrive at Kyoto Sta.

Round Trip Plan

Day 3: Unazuki Onsen – Tokyo Place of Stay: N/A
8:00 a.m. Hotel walking Unazuki Sta. (Tramcar) Kanetsuri Sta. (40 min) (Tramcar) Unazuki/Unazuki Onsen Sta. train (Express train) Toyama Sta. train (shinkansen/ 140 min)
3:30 – 6:00 p.m. Arrive at Tokyo Sta.


* Some sightseeing activities may be subject to change. JTB reserves the right to amend the itinerary, even after the tours has commenced, due to traffic, weather or any other conditions beyond our control. While every effort will be made to adhere to the scheduled itinerary, compensation for any amendments or omissions is not available.
* Please refer to general booking conditions.
Breakfast included Breakfast included: Lunch included Lunch included : Dinner included Dinner included:
JTB does not discriminate against persons with disabilities. However, the locations visited during a JTB Fully Escorted Tour may involve a considerable amount of walking and climbing stairs. JTB recommends that travellers with disabilities be accompanied by their own assistant, capable of providing all necessary assistance. JTB Fully Escorted Tours do not include special assistance to participants with disabilities. JTB reserves the right to refuse participation in Fully Escorted Tours if it considers that such participation is reasonably likely to impose an unjustifiable hardship on JTB or its personnel. Alternatively, JTB would be pleased to organise Independent Tours for travellers with special needs.
Method of sightseeing: EntranceEnjoy the view after alighting from the vehicle – Black print: Enjoy the view while driving through or driving by.
Note: If there are entry costs for the Pink labeled items, the cost will be calculated into the tour price.

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