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Mt Fuji 2 Day Climbing Tour 2017

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With this tour you will have the chance to tackle Mt. Fuji’s challenging slopes in this summer-only, English-guided tour. Mt Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan and was recently registered as a World Heritage listed site!

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Tokyo – Mt Fuji

Meet at 7:00am Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel and travel to Mt Fuji by bus where upon arrival you will prepare for the climb. Begin climbing the mountain on the Yoshida trail (2,304m) from the 5th station of the mountain.

7:00pm arrive at Toyokan Mountain Hut (2,910m) where a light dinner will be served and you will be able to rest for a couple of hours. At 22:00pm continue ascending to the summit for sunrise which will take approx 5 hours.


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Mt Fuji – Tokyo

Between 3:00am-5:00am reach the mountain top and enjoy the impressive view of the sunrise from the summit at 3,776m. Also enjoy breakfast when you reach the top.

5:00am-9:00am descend the mountain heading for the 5th station. This will take around 4 hours. After reaching the 5th station, the mountain climb is over.

Take the opportunity to visit Lake Yamanaka Onsen, Benifuji-no-Yu – this is a natural alkaline simple hot spring. The open-air bath which looks out onto Mt. Fuji is a very popular spot. You will be able to soak in the hot spring and relax away your tiredness from the climb. Return to Shinjuku station where the tour will conclude by 19:00pm.

Mt. Fuji Climbing

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Tour Dates: Tue/Thu/Sun: 09-13, 16, 18-20, 23-25, 27 Jul-13 Aug, 15-20, 22-31 Aug
Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun: 02, 09 Sep
Tour Prices: From $434 Per Adult
From $421 Per Child
*Seasonal surcharges apply. Please contact JTB for exact prices for exact date.
Tour Code: CUL2J00101MKS
Remarks: *The elevation at the 5th station is about 2,300m, and 3,000m at the 7th station where the tour will shortly rest to sleep. The peak of the mountain is at an altitude of about 3,500m, where the temperature often falls under 5°C, and the temperature difference between the 5th station and the peak is sometimes more than 15°C.
*An English interpreter guide will accompany the group throughout the entire tour, and a mountain climbing guide (speaking Japanese only) will also accompany you from the 5th station to the peak and back.
*Children 5 years and under cannot participate in this tour. Those between 6 and 15 years old must be accompanied by someone 20 years old or older. Those between 16 and 19 may participate by themselves if an agreement form signed by their parent or guardian is received by us within 4 days before the tour. *Mountain accident insurance is not included. 


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