Fukuoka Series 1 Tsukushi no Kuni

Series #1Fukuoka, Yanagawa, Kurume 4 Nights 5 Days

DAY 1 Fukuoka, fun packed day with history, nature, shopping and food!

On arrival at JR Hakata City, head to Hakata Gion area. (6 minutes walk)
Following sites are must visits in this area, can easily be accessed by walking.
Tochouji Temple 東長寺: The temple has Japan’s largest wood carved buddha. (stay 40 minutes)
Those in Nara and Kamakura are made of metal alloy.
[5 minutes walk]
Hakata Machiya Furusato Kan 博多町家ふるさと館: Discover the life and culture of the locals. (stay 40 minutes)
[1 minute walk]
Kushida Shrine 櫛田神社: Guardian shrine of the Hakata People.
This is a starting point of Hakata Gion Yamakasa.
Yamakasa Float is on display all year around.
[3 minutes walk]
Canal City Hakata キャナルシティ博多 : Beautiful Canal in the middle of buildings.
Lunch break: Why not try famous Tonkotsu Ramen at Ramen Stadium in Canal City (stay 60 minutes)

[10 minutes walk]
Yanagibashi Rengo Market (fresh food market) 柳橋連合市場 (stay 20 minutes)
Great fresh food market if you are already feeling peckish!
Do not miss a lovely little garden in the middle of the city. (Discount is available
if you download Fukuoka City Visitor’s Guide.
[10 minutes walk]
JR Hakata Station or Subway Hakata Station Hop on a train to Ohori Koen (15 minutes)
[5 minutes walk]
Fukuoka Castle Ruins 福岡城址&Ohori Park大濠公園: (stay 90 minutes)
Take your time and enjoy the beautiful garden and the view from the ruins.
Why not have a cup of coffee in the park.
Catch a train from Subway Ohori Koen Station to Tenjin Station (7 minutes)
Have a stroll along the Tenjin Underground Mall 天神地下街 (60 minutes)
Locals’ favouriteshopping mall 590m long with some 150 modern shops!
Back on a subway to Hakata Station.

You can’t talk about Fukuoka without experiencing its great local foods.
Foodies’ heaven, Yatai 屋台, food stalls:
This is an integral part of Fukuoka food lovers.
Menus vary from Gyoza, Yakitori, Oden, Ramen, Hakata Motsunabe (hot pot of beef or pork offal (!) cooked either in miso soup or soy sauce, locals favourite.
This area offers not only traditional Japanese food.
A variety of western food is also available
if you feel less adventurous.
Small Tip:
Shop around first and choose one where locals queue.
Great food and great local price!
One night accommodation in Fukuoka.

DAY 2 Fukuoka – Yanagawa – Kurume

Subway Hakata Station to Nishitetsu Yanagawa Station
via Nishitetsu Tenji (interchange) (60 minutes)
Why not explore Yanagawa River 柳川on a cruise.
The cruise takes about 70 minutes over a 4 km long course.
It allows visitors to experience the town from
a completely different perspective to that of street level.
Or visit Yanagawa Ohana Residence柳川藩主立花邸御花(stay 60 minutes).
This was built in 1738 as the home of Tachibana clan feudal
lords who ruled Yanagawa. The residence covers 23,000 square meters and is surrounded by canals on three sides.

Lunch Why not try a famous SeiroMushi,steamed eel on rice at Yanagawa Ohana.
[3 minutes walk]
Suitengu, a beautiful riverside shrine.
If you happen to be there from 3rd May to 5th May,
a festival is held with traditional singing and dancing.
Walk through the Castle Moat Water Gates to Nishitetsu
Yanagawa Station. (30 to 40 minutes)
Then hop on a train from Nishitetesu Yanagawa to Nishitetsu Kurume Station (20 minuets).

Kurume: If you are a sake lover, note that Kurume is one of the greatest sake brewing areas in Japan. Yakitori and Tonkotsu ramen are also famous here.
Kurume Kasuri 久留米絣 (stay 120 minutes):
Kurume is known for Kurume Kasuri,
an indigo-dyed cotton fabric.
This art form is designated a National Important
Intangible Asset and a National Traditional Craft Product.
Originated in 18th century some locals still use
the method of weaving.
One night accommodation in Kurume.

Seasonal Notes:
If you happen to be in Kurume in January, check out Oniyo Fire Festival, 大善寺玉垂宮・鬼夜火祭り、scheduled to be held on 7th January (check dates every year)
This 1,600 year old festival is believed to
send away evil spirits.
The sheer scale of the festival held in Daizenji,
is simply mesmerizing.
Six 13 meters long bamboo structures
which weighs 1,200 kilograms are lit.

DAY 3 Kurume – Akizuki (Asakura)

Nishitetsu Bus Amagi bus stop to Akizuki Bus Stop (20 minuets, every hour)
Akizuki 秋月: Lesser known but still has an authentic feel of everyday life in olden days. The castle and town built around it is full of history is yet to be discovered.
Photogenic Self-Guided Kimono Tour will take you around the following famous areas. (6 hours) pre-booking essential (JPY5,000)

✔️ Traditional Japanese Paper Making 紙漉き体験
✔️ Akizuki Sugi-no-Baba 杉の馬場: A promenade leading up to Akizuki Castle.
✔️ Kuromon Chaya 黒門茶屋: Great place for a lunch break. Why not try local soba.
✔️ NagayamonGate 長屋門:Original front gate of Akizuki Castle.
✔️ Akizuki Castle Ruins秋月城址:Old home for Akizuki clan, a very powerful feudal family. This setting is said to have inspired Akira Kurosawa and George Lucas for major films!
✔️ Suiyo Shrine垂裕神社: Used to a gate of Akizuki Castle.
✔️ Former Tashiro Family Residence 旧田代家住宅
✔️ Tour concluses at Ikeda ya.

One night accommodation in Akizuki.