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Beyond Japan’s Golden Route
Kyushu may be lower on travelers’ radar going to Japan, but this volcanic island abounds with century-old temples, natural hot-springs and gourmet treasures. It’s time to put it back on the map!


Accessing Kyushu

Kyushu is the 3rd largest island of the Japanese archipelago and is located south of the main island of Honshu. It is extensively connected to the main island by rail and air.

The bullet train goes as far south as Kagoshima city, and Kyushu is an area well serviced by the rail network. It is included in the Japan National rail pass, and in several regional passes to fit your travel needs best!

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By rail

The bullet train goes as far south as Kagoshima city, and Kyushu is an area well serviced by the rail network. It is included in the Japan National rail pass, and in several regional passes to fit your travel needs best!
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By air
Most airports in Kyushu are serviced from Korea. Fukuoka International airport is the major hub of the island. It is 1,5 hr flight from Tokyo.
All airports are accessible with domestic flights.


By boat 

From Yawatahama or Usuki cities in Shikoku, ferries travel to Beppu daily. A great way to see Japan from a different angle! Yawatahama and Usuki are both historical picturesque small towns.
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From Osaka, you can take a ferry from to Beppu city, while Oita city is accessible from Kobe.
Kitakyushu is also accessible from Osaka or Kobe by ferry.
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Ferries from Busan also connect Kyushu to South Korea.


Kyushu Facts



Kyushu has been part of Japan since as early as the 3rd century and is one of the most volcanic regions of the country. Mt Aso, located in the central Kyushu region is the most active volcano, creating breath-taking sceneries – think Takachiho gorge- and giving birth to many hot springs.
Beppu city, located on the East short is famous for its “hells”, hot springs of various colours spread throughout the city, while Ibusuki in the South offers volcanic sand baths.

Saga prefecture is famous for its beef and world-renowned Arita pottery art, while Kagoshima prefecture is believed to be the most ancient location for Jômon era artifacts. Kagoshima prefecture is also home to Sakurajima, an amazing volcano standing in the bay of Kagoshima city.

Being the closest point of Japan to the rest of Asia, Kyushu has always been the entry point for many foreign trades and has a rich history of crossed influences. Nagasaki was once a Dutch trading harbor, and much Dutch-influenced architecture can still be found In the city. Hui Ten Bosch, a theme park located in Nagasaki prefecture close to Sasebo city, celebrates the ties between the two countries with life-sized copies of old Dutch buildings.


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