Chasing the 20 best waterfalls of Kyushu – Japan’s Hidden Gems

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Kyushu is famous for being one of the most volcanic areas of Japan. Hot springs, mountains, gorges, breathtaking beaches, Kyushu has it all. Hiring a car is probably the best option, however, some locations are accessible by public transportation. Here is a selection of the best waterfalls Kyushu has to offer and turn your trip to Japan into a real adventure!

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Waterfalls in Kagoshima

Kagoshima is the most Southern prefecture of Kyushu.
Kagoshima city is famous for the volcano standing in its bay – Sakurajima. With great natural wonders – such as Yakushima island’s virgin forest – and unique landscapes, Kagoshima is a destination not to be missed. Yakushima itself has dozens of amazing waterfalls and will deserve a separate article, stay tuned.

Ryumon falls 龍門滝


Located in the upper stream of Amikake River Ryumon falls have 46-meter height and 43-meter width.

5266-1 Kida, Kajiki-cho, Aira-shi, Kagoshima-ken


Sogi no taki 曽木の滝

Sogi no taki certainly lives up to its name, Niagara of the East. At 210m wide and 12m tall, the waterfall is a stunning sight and the noise as it thunders over Senjoiwa rock is incredible.

628-41 ŌkuchimiyahitoIsa, Kagoshima


Ohko no taki大川の滝

With an 88m-drop, Oko no taki Falls has been ranked in the Top 100 Best Waterfalls in Japan.

Kurio, Yakushima, Kumage District, Kagoshima


Ogawa falls 雄川の滝

Ogawa falls is a 60-meter-wide cascade that runs into an emerald green basin, offering a strong contrast with the rough rock face above.
Swimming in the basin is prohibited, but the feel of cool valley air is well worth the experience.

12222 Nejime Kawa kita, minami osumi, Kimotski-gun, Kagoshima prefecture


Waterfalls in Kumamoto 

Kumamoto is located in the Western part of Kyushu. It’s mascot character, Kumamon, is popular everywhere in the world, and Mount Aso is the tallest volcano in Kyushu.


Kikuchi gorge – Yonjusanman taki 四十三万滝

Kikuchi gorge and the greater Kikuchi area are famous for hot springs and breath-taking scenery.

Haru, Kikuchi, Kumamoto


Unokodaki 鵜の子滝

This waterfall is mostly recommended for enjoying Autumn colours. Be careful as the access can be narrow.

Yamato, Kamimashiki District, Kumamoto


Nabegataki falls 鍋ヶ滝

Nabegataki is the most famous waterfall in Kumamoto, and in the 100 waterfalls of Japan list.
particularly high at 10 meters it makes up for it with a width of around 20 m across. The area behind the waterfall is surprisingly spacious, the beautiful views through the cascade making it an ideal spot for keen photographers.

Kurobuchi, Oguni, Aso District, Kumamoto


Waterfalls in Miyazaki

Miyazaki prefecture is famous for Shochu distilleries, and great coastal drives. Further inland, it is home to Takachiho Gorge, one of the most beautiful sites in Japan.

Manai no taki – Takachiho gorge 真名井の滝


This famous waterfall is located in the gorge, and boat rental is available on site to explore the area closer.

Mitai, Takachiho, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki

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Yatogi no taki

These 73-meters-tall falls are located inside Osuzu Nature Park, a great spot for hikers, about one and a half hours by car from Miyazaki city.

Kawakita, Tsuno, Koyu District, Miyazaki


Mukabaki no taki 行縢の滝

The waterfall is approximately 77 meters high, and roughly 30 metre wide. The magnificent view of the waterfall, can be reached after approx. 60 min of hiking.

Mukabakimachi, Nobeoka, Miyazaki


Waterfalls in Oita


Komori no taki 蝙蝠の滝

Komori falls have been registered as National cultural heritage by the Japanese culture ministry in 2007. The falls stand 10m high, and 120m wide. The name Komori (meaning bat) has been chosen for the shape of the rock formations viewed from above.


Bungoono, Oita


Ryumon no taki 竜門の滝

The waterfall is made up of two drops. The first one is 26m high and falls into a 40m wide deep basin. The second drop is 70m tall with a natural water slide formed at its feet. This is a very popular spot for families in summer to come and play on the waterslide.


Matsugi, Kokonoe, Kusu District, Oita


Harajiri falls 原尻の滝

This waterfall was formed with the eruption of Mt Aso about 90 000 years ago. With 20m high and a typical arc shape, it has been nicknamed “Oriental Niagara”. A suspension bridge gives a great viewing point of the falls.


410 Harajiri, Bungoono, Oita, Japan


Waterfalls in Nagasaki

Tonosumi Falls 戸丿隅の滝


Tonosumi falls are 402 steps up from the parking lot. Put on your hiking shoes and climb up for an amazing view and lush greenery.

Nagano-3809 Nishiariecho, Minamishimabara, Nagasaki



Senryu ga taki 潜竜ヶ滝


The “hidden dragon waterfall” is divided between the man and the woman side. The fall stands at 20m high, with a 6m deep basin. It is a very popular place to enjoy autumn leaves viewing.

659-1 Emukae-cho Tanomoto, Sasebo, Nagasaki




Waterfalls in Saga

Kiyomizu falls 清水滝

Kiyomizu falls are 13m wide and 75m high. They are famous for the Buddhist statues standing at its feet, and nearby specialty carp restaurants.

Ogimachi Matsuo, Ogi, Saga


Mikaeri falls

Mikaeri No Taki Falls on the Ikisa River is divided into a male and a female waterfall, which are selected as one of the best 100 falls in Japan. In June, 400 thousand hydrangeas in 50 kinds bloom around the falls and along the lower stream of the river.

Ikisa, Ouchi-cho, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture


Todoroki gorge 轟き滝

Todoroki gorge offers lush greenery scenery and the streams create over 30 waterfalls along the gorge. Todoroki fall is the most notable and is named after the roaring sound of the water.

Hei-163-1 Ureshinomachi Oaza Shimojuku, Ureshino, Saga


Waterfalls in Fukuoka

Nanshoga falls 難所ヶ滝

Nanshoga falls are a winter favourite when the 20m high roaring water turns into shiny icicles. Crampons and proper hiking equipment are recommended during the winter months to access the waterfall safely.

Umi, Kasuya District, Fukuoka


Shiraitono falls 白糸ノ滝

Shiraitono falls are located about an hour’s drive from Fukuoka city. In early June, a festival opening the falls takes place, and you can enjoy Nagashi Somen, cold noodles flowing down through hollow bamboo halfpipes. Yamame fish catching is also organised, with the freshly caught fish grilled on a stick at a nearby restaurant.

Agano, Fukuchi, Tagawa District, Fukuoka


Senjuin falls 千寿院の滝

Located in Sefuri Raizan Natural Park, the Senjuin falls are famously connected to the Heike clan (also known as Taira clan), one of the most influential samurai clan of the Heian period (794-1185). The epic war between the Taira clan and Minamoto clan during the 12th century is told in The Tale of the Heike, considered the masterpiece piece of medieval literature in Japan.

Nijoikisan, Itoshima, Fukuoka
二丈一貴山 糸島市 福岡県


With many natural wonders to explore, take your next adventure to Kyushu!

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