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Universal Studios is one of America’s most famous theme parks, but did you know that it also has locations in other parts of the world? In addition to the original Hollywood location and a branch in Florida, Universal Studios is represented in Singapore, and more to the point, in Japan. Since it opened in 2001, Universal Studios Japan (or Universal Studios Osaka, as it is commonly referred to) has been a huge success, receiving approximately eight million guests each year. Boasting attractions based on popular Western pop-culture icons such as Spider-Man as well as anime themed attractions like its One Piece Premier Show, the Universal Studios location at Osaka is an exciting and bustling hub of adventure.

Many Westerners visit Universal Studios Japan as well, including large numbers of Australians. If you’re among the many Australians who flock to Japan every year as a tourist or visitor, then maybe it’s time you found some Universal Studios Japan tickets for yourself and your family on your next trip. Finding tickets for the park isn’t necessarily difficult (it’s a theme park, after all, not a private club), but it’s significantly more challenging to find tickets you’ll be able to afford during times of the year when you’ll be able to make use of them. Finding good deals on Universal Studios tickets anywhere in the world can be tough, but at the Universal Studios in Osaka, you’ll often face even more competition than at other locations. Fortunately, there are ways to get around all that.

The next time you’re looking for tickets to Universal Studios Japan, be sure to get in touch with JTB Travel. We’ve been in the business of connecting international tourists with the best in Japanese tourism for over a century, and we’ve helped millions of people from around the world experience the best Japan has to offer. Australians have chosen us time and time again to ensure that they’re able to take full advantage of Japan’s many attractions while on their travels, including the Universal Studios in Osaka. Buying your tickets through us is an excellent way to find the right deal for you.

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Universal Studios Osaka Tickets with Plenty of Options

Visiting Universal Studios is something you should always plan with plenty of notice, and with JTB it’s easy to do just that. We also offer several different ticketing options, so that you’ll be getting exactly what you need to experience the park the way you want to. One and two-day passes are available for fixed dates, so choose the length of time you’ll want to visit for and then be sure to mark your calendars appropriately! There are also special passes available in limited numbers each New Year’s Eve, and the Universal Express Pass which considerably shortens waiting times at certain attractions.

Feel the Magic at Universal Studios Japan

No matter what your favourite attraction is, buying tickets to Universal Studios Japan through JTB is an excellent way to make sure that you can fully experience all the parts of the park that interest you. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more, or to book with us and start preparing for your adventure!

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