Tokyo Tour Packages

Enjoy the Holiday of a Lifetime with Tokyo Tour Packages

The huge city of Tokyo has something to offer everybody, whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, or with your family. It’s one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, and there’s nothing quite like walking the neon-lit streets after sundown. During the daytime, many hotspots capture Japanese culture and history as well as sights that show the rapidly evolving nature of this great nation. Tokyo tour packages offer you the chance to experience the city in all its splendour, though choosing where to visit is no simple task.

Tokyo looks almost endless, especially seen from the viewing deck of the 634-metre tall Skytree, which you might want to visit just before sunset to witness the city become electrified by night. Alternatively, you can head to Shinjuku’s Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to enjoy panoramic city views free of charge. While you’re in Shinjuku, don’t forget to visit the shopping malls that surround the world’s busiest railway station.

For an upmarket shopping experience, visit The Ginza, a beautiful building that also boasts nightclubs, restaurants and art galleries. After you’ve finished shopping and want to see some of Tokyo’s rich history, head over to Asakusa and explore the Sensoji temple, which dates to the 7th century. Alternatively, you might want to consider booking Tokyo tour packages that feature visits to all the city’s major hotspots.

At JTB Travel, we personalise our Tokyo tour packages to suit your interests, and we’ll take you on tours to some of the most exclusive destinations. Contact us today to find out how our tours will make your Japanese getaway unforgettable.