Osaka Tours

Make the Most of Your Japanese Getaway with Osaka Tours

There’s nothing better than taking a week or two off work to enjoy a well-deserved holiday, and while there are thousands of fantastic destinations worldwide, Japan is becoming an increasingly popular hotspot for Australians. Of course, Japan is a large nation with hundreds of sights to see, but Osaka has something to offer everybody. Whether you love adrenaline-fueled rollercoasters or glass-laden skyscrapers, you’ll find everything in Japan’s second largest city.

Many of JTB Travels’s Osaka tours give you the chance to visit some of the city’s most famous destinations as well as sights that are off the beaten path. Take a walk through history and visit the district of Shinsekai, an area that was developed into its current layout during the years following 1903. If you want to go even further back in time, look at the Sumiyoshi Taisha, a Japanese shrine that dates to the 3rd century.

If you’re more fascinated by Japan’s modern technology, head to Minami, one of Osaka’s two main city centres. Minami is easily accessible by train, subway and bus, and the neon-lit signs which line the walls of modern buildings never fail to impress. You’ll also find 24-hour restaurants and plenty of shopping opportunities in this area.

At JTB Travel, we personalise our Osaka tours to match your interests, and we can show you the most beautiful sights of the city. Whether you want panorama views of Osaka from the 60th floor of the 300-metre tall Abeno Harukas or the chance to take the family to Universal Studios, we’ll ensure our Osaka tours exceed your expectations.