Japan Escorted & Guided Day Tours

Experience the Many Highlights of Japan on an Escorted Day Tour with JTB Travel

Towering cities. Peaceful natural landscapes. Historic sites. Eye-opening museums. Ancient temples and shrines. These are just a few of the exciting places you can explore and behold on a vacation to Japan. The question is, how can you make sure that you are getting the most out of your visit? How can you guarantee that you are getting a chance to experience both the must-see attractions and the best-kept secrets?

What to Expect from a Japan Escorted Tour with JTB Travel

On a Japan day tour with JTB Travel, you can experience the best of both sides of Japan. We know all about the sights, sounds, and tastes that attract people to Japan in the first place, and you can be rest assured that our tours will include high-profile must-see sites. From tranquil Buddhist temples to picturesque cherry blossom trees, our tours will give you a glimpse of places that are iconic of Japanese culture and heritage.

Our Japan guided tours don’t stop with the more traditional aspects of Japanese culture. On the contrary, while Japan has a vibrant heritage that dates back centuries, it also has one of the most robust economies of any company in the world. This massive success is thanks to Japan’s status as a capital of industry—a spot where many technological innovations have been born. Depending on which of our tours you choose, you could find yourself amidst the modern architecture and breathtaking cityscapes of urban centres like Tokyo and Kyoto. Needless to say, there is plenty to observe, experience and explore in these remarkable hubs of life.

A Range of Different Tours

As you can see, the experience you have with JTB Travel may vary quite a bit depending on which Japan escorted tour you choose. For instance, you might ride bullet trains, see robot shows or observe sumo wrestling tournaments in Tokyo. Alternatively, you may explore heritage sites—from temples and shrines to castles and beyond—in Kyoto. A tour of Nagoya will spotlight the area’s spectacular local cuisine, while a day tour of Hiroshima will balance the city’s tragic history with its exciting present.

The bottom line is that, with JTB Travel, you can have virtually any experience you like. Whether you want a city-hopping all-day journey, a quick afternoon sightseeing tour or an escapist adventure to Mount Fuji, we have a Japan day tour structured to meet your expectations.

Japan is a remarkably beautiful and genuinely fascinating country—both in terms of heritage and modern accomplishment. At JTB Travel, we know that it’s tough to get a full, satisfying sense for the country during a brief trip here. There is simply too much to see and too little time. The good news is that, by taking a Japan guided tour with JTB Travel, you can hit the key sites and still have time for other adventures while you’re here—whether you’re planning a family ski trip or plotting a visit to Disneyland in Tokyo.

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